7 things you can buy with bitcoins

What-can-I-buy-with-Bitcoin bitcoins

What can you actually buy with Bitcoin in 2021?

From Laptops and Rolex watches to gold, silver, to NBA Tickets—there’s a great variety of things and services you can buy with cryptocurrencies. Mainly Bitcoin (BTC), which is the talk of the economic and technology worlds for more than two decades. If you’re still unsure how to use Bitcoin or where to spend your hard-earned cryptocurrency, here’s a list of cool things you can get in return for your BTC. 

Electronics and gadgets

Almost everything we do nowadays, including how we spend and store our cryptocurrencies, needs use of a device of some kind. It’s an important thing that Bitcoin may now be used to purchase the gear you require.There’s something for everyone, from iphones to laptop to cameras and drones. 

Here are devices you might want to look into:

 Laptop, Notebook, Desktop

 Phones and Tablets

 Headphones and Speakers



Crypto Miners

Many crypto mining hardware stores, such as Bullminers, have begun to accept Bitcoin as payment for their goods and services, both for commercial and personal use. Apart from this, you may also generate extra cryptocurrency out of your Bitcoin or start your own cryptocurrency mining operation.

These are some of the best crypto mining hardware: 

Antminer z15

Avalon a1166pro

Innosilicon a10

Linzhi phoenix

Apple Products

You may leverage your Bitcoin and or cryptocurrencies to keep ahead of the game by saving money on a brand new iPhone. In return for your cryptocurrency, Apple BTC Store sells the majority of Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iMacs, Apple Watches, and AirPods and accessories. 

Gold and Silver

You can also buy gold, sliver, palladium and other rare metals with bitcoin at Bitcrypto Market, look at it another way, you can buy currency with currency. 

Luxury watches

It was just a matter of time before Bitcoin found its way into the world of luxury goods.Bitcrypto Makret, the leading crypto commerce websites, recently added the most high-end luxury watches to its marketplace. 

Mavericks tickets

Mark Cuban, a former Bitcoin critic who has since become a supporter, has told CoinDesk that his NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks, will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and “maybe some other currencies” starting in the 2021-2022 season. 

Lap Dances

The Las Vegas gentlemen’s club accepts bitcoins and any other cryptocurrency traded on the Bittrex exchange as payment for anything the club has to offer, from drinks to lap dances. 

Good karma!

Charities such as Heifer International and Autism Speaks accept donations via Bitcoin.

It’s now easier than ever to make use of your bitcoins without cashing out. You may either select a store that takes it or put your tokens toward gift cards if you’re searching for a method to spend some of the extra money in your wallet. There are plenty of ways to spend your coins and tokens, whether you buy locally or online. 

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