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It looks like we are experiencing another crypto winter, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, we are. And while we are hiding in the den, waiting for the market to return to adequate values and quotes, let’s try to use this timeframe to reflect on further plans and strategies.

Let’s not beat around the bush, as you have already understood from the title, the topic of this article is crypto PR. We decided not to be too clever, but rather to relax, have fun and get some useful information for the future. We do have some questions about this direction because PR itself is not cheap, while the specific metrics can hardly be counted on the fingers of one hand. 

For answers, we called our friend Mikhail Mashenistov from Flexe.io – Crypto PR & Marketing agency, where he is the PR manager, and asked him the 7 most interesting questions about crypto PR. So, let’s begin!

  • Why does a crypto project need PR? 

No PR – no sales. Usually, the right project gathers around itself an interested audience with marketing and advertising on social networks, maintains and fuels interest among potential investors for some time, and then allows buying products, whether tokens, NFTs or something else. So, without PR, the project risks losing more than 50% of the potential investment, because the project will not have enough presence in the network, which means there will be a low level of trust and, accordingly, no one will give money. They will think that either the project has no money for PR, or it’s a scam.

  • What exactly affects the level of investor confidence? 

Investors will search the web for information about the project in search engines and on specialized resources. They will look at what articles were published and where. They will assess how well the founders understand the market, the place of their project in it, and plans for the future. It is also important for investors to understand who the sponsors of the project are. The publication where the article is published is no less important than the article itself. It should be a well-attended and respected media outlet.

  • So, it’s enough to be placed in the largest media outlet and that’s it? 

I wouldn’t say that. Of course, there are the big three cool respectable crypto publications, it always makes sense to publish in them, everyone knows them. But I would prefer to place articles in 10 medium media for that money, and I would get a stronger effect. Approximately the same, and perhaps more confidence in the image, but more presence and room for maneuver. Still, the article may be unsuccessful, and then it is better to have a few more publications to spare. 

  • How to choose the right and optimal media in terms of price and quality? 

Usually, agencies offer packages, I advise you to take a closer look at them, because the situation in the market is changing and professionals should approach the issue. It depends on the type of project, attendance, the quotability, and credibility of each individual media outlet. 

  • How much does a good PR package cost on average? 

I would say from $10000 you can consider options of combined packages, this is where both press releases, articles, crypto media, and business are. Packages of specifically featured articles in crypto media from $15000, and packages with press releases from $5000. 

  • What is the difference between a press release and a featured article? 

A press release will be deeper on a media site in less visited places, and the text itself should by definition be dry and factual in nature. When featured articles have more room to be active, it is a selling article that is longer than the press release and has a better place on the site. More visibility, more traffic. 

  • List 3 success factors for a quality article

The event or infotainment about which the story is about. An easy writing style, understandable to professionals and amateurs alike. Narrative logic, where the article develops the idea, provides arguments and ends with an action message. 

Thanks a lot for the interview! Can you say a few words one last time? 

Thank you for inviting me! It was a pleasure to participate. Plan in your PR strategies to publish systematically, at least 2 times a month, and start a couple or three months before the start of sales, so the audience can see that you are developing, in addition, you do it consistently and gradually. And create strong infomercials to attract more attention. Nothing good will come out of rotten news.    

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