6 Major Altcoin Events to Look out for in October 2020

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Every month, there are interesting developments in the cryptocurrency world. While not all of these developments are worthwhile, there is always something to look forward to. The following altcoin events may be worth marking on one’s calendar.

2 Major Zilliqa Developments

It is always intriguing to see what the future brings for existing altcoin projects. In the case of Zilliqa, the first development is the launch of ZilSwap, which can bring a lot of attention to this ecosystem. Second, there is non-custodial staking on the mainnet. Proof-of-stake currencies remain of great interest to a lot of people, as they can yield passive revenue streams.

Another BNB Burn

Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, has its native BNB altcoin. This token is often subject to market buybacks and token burns to reduce the available supply on the market. Over the next few days, the 13th BNB burn will take place. It is something to look forward to for BNB holders, even though Binance has – apparently – lost significant trading volume throughout most of 2020. 

Bluzelle Product Launch

Over the past few weeks, there have been multiple announcements regarding Bluzelle and what the team is building. The product mainnet launch is slated for October 2020, albeit no official date has been shared at the time of writing. This development will bring more attention to what Bluzelle is doing. Considering how BLZ lost 31% in value last month, that announcement may turn things around again. 

DeXe Network Goes in Beta

Competition has been heating up among decentralized exchanges as of late. Adding more platforms to the ecosystem will always be beneficial. For DeXe Network, its beta launch will occur over the coming weeks. Whether this platform can compete with the rest of them, remains to be seen. There is rather fierce competition to take into account. 

Equalizer DEX Launch

Speaking of competition among DEXes, Equalizer is launching its own altcoin platform later this month as well. Finding traction in an industry that is already showing signs of saturation may pose a few challenges along the way. Even so, every platform should offer something unique. It will be interesting to see what Equalizer can bring to the table.

Switcheo Governance and Fork

A week from today, the Switcheo network will undergo a governance hard fork. Migration from NEO to Tendermint is still ongoing. As part of this fork, several upcoming changes will be coming to Tradehub. This includes AMM and LP deployment, as well as the Switcheo DEX trading engine migration to Tradehub. Demex will also launch, which is Switcheo’s derivatives DEX. 


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