5nm Bitcoin Mining ASICs Could Arrive in Late 2020

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The future of bitcoin mining seems bright. TSMC has confirmed it will begin the production of 5nm ASICs in 2020.

Bitcoin mining is still a thriving industry in 2019 despite volatile price swings.

A new era for Bitcoin Mining

For manufacturers, that is a sign to step up their game.

Many people thought there wouldn’t be too many improvements in terms of ASIC chips and their size.

That is far from the case, at least according to TSMC.

The company is confident it can deliver 5nm ASICs to both Bitmain and Canaan in 2020. 

Both of those companies are considered the cream of the crop as far as bitcoin mining hardware is concerned.

It appears that Bitmain has already tested these chips internally.

How the competition with Canaan will shape up, remains to be seen.

With both companies gaining access to the same chips, further tweaking needs to be done internally.

In the end, the goal is to create power efficient mining units at an affordable price.

No commercial rollout of new ASICs is expected until late 2020 or even early 2021.

TSMC also counts Apple among its customers.

It seems plausible to assume the technology giant will be of higher priority to TSMC compared to bitcoin firms.

The coming 24 months will be very interesting for bitcoin mining enthusiasts. 

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