5 Ways to Spend Dogecoin on Products and Services

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    The Dogecoin cryptocurrency community is a very unique group of people. Unlike other crypto groups, they are not too bothered with price speculation. Instead, they are intent on making this cryptocurrency as usable and approachable as possible. Below are some shopping sites currently accepting Dogecoin payments, further confirming Dogecoin is bound to go places.

    #5 Bitcoin Jerky

    Although the name does not suggest it, Bitcoin Jerky is not all about just Bitcoin payments. The platform accepts Dogecoin, and has done so for quite some time now. Those consumers looking to buy some jerky, either in the US or internationally, can make good use of this website. Their selection is rather impressive, and it appears the company has accumulated some positive user reviews over the years.

    #4 Frontier Vapor

    Vaping is quickly becoming a popular trend in the world of smoking alternatives. Frontier Vapor is a web store focusing on this market, and a platform proud to accept both Bitcoin and Dogecoin payments alongside more traditional solutions. The company also offers free US shipping for orders over $35 and users will get a free sample bottle with every e-liquid order as well.

    #3 Keys4Coins

    Gamers all over the world have shown an increasing interest in buying video games with cryptocurrency. Prior to Steam accepting Bitcoin, platforms such as Keys4Coins quickly gained a lot of traction. The platform offers instant delivery of game codes, gift cards, and so forth. Dogecoin is one of the accepted payment methods, making this online store all the more important to the community.

    #2 Wisconsin Apparel

    It is always interesting to see new clothing stores embark on a venture to accept cryptocurrency payments. In the case of Wisconsin Apparel, the company has introduced Dogecoin payments earlier this year, albeit they could do a slightly better job at advertising it on their website’s homepage. Even so, it is another feather in the cap of the Dogecoin community.

    #1 AirVPN

    Given the global demand for VPN services all over the world, it is only normal such companies look to cater to as many people as possible. In the case of AirVPN, tapping into the Dogecoin market has been a positive decision so far. The company also accepts a long list of other payment solutions, including more traditional types such as payment cards.

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