5 Ways to Safely Stake Band Protocol (BAND)

CryptoMode Band Protocol BAND Staking

Band Protocol is proving to be one of the hot new and upcoming cryptocurrency projects. Its native token is proof-of-stake capable. Below are a few different options to stake BAND, depending on one’s personal preferences.

CosmoScan BAND Staking

Ever since the Bandchain mainnet was introduced at first, there is support to begin staking BAND on CosmoScan. An interesting option to explore under the current circumstances. What makes CosmoScan so interesting is how it has Ledger hardware wallet support.

That in itself is always an option worth checking out. Through this service, users can delegate staking through a validator. This balance can be undelegated at any given time, should one prefer this option. 

Atomic Wallet Staking

The Atomic Wallet is a versatile offering in the cryptocurrency world. It supports many different assets, allowing for staking of certain coins, including BAND. Desktop, web, and mobile users can benefit from this option. Users simply deposit funds and delegate their balance to validators on the list. A simple procedure, yet one that is pretty effective.

CosmoStation and BAND

Different from what CosmoScan has to offer, CosmoStation allows for web, and mobile Band Protocol staking as well. After downloading the wallet and depositing funds, users are given the option to delegate to validators. The system is virtually identical across all platforms supporting BAND staking, as this seems to work quite well for all users involved.

BitMax BAND Staking

It is interesting to see how BitMax is making a name for itself. This is done primarily due to its support for staking new coins, including Band Protocol. Users can begin staking their coins through the exchange, as BitMax is a network validator. For those who prefer keeping their coins on a trading platform, this is certainly an option worth checking out. 

Huobi Pool

One recent addition to the Band Protocol staking list is Huobi Pool. Operated by the Huobi exchange, this pool is designed to let users staking this asset. It requires a minimum of 10 BAND to engage in this activity. Huobi Pool appears to be another network validator, making it easy to withdraw rewards whenever required. 

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