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5 Upcoming Play-To-Earn Games To Keep An Eye On

Play to earn games based on the blockchain technology are incredibly popular these days. They allow players to manage their in-game items themselves and trade or sell them freely. making money while playing games is fun, and the following projects all follow the same play-to-earn model.

Ember Sword (MMORPG) 

Ember Sword prioritizes a player-driven economy, a classless combat system, and scarce cosmetics players can trade as a modern free-to-play MMORPG playable on PC and in the browser. In this game, players can do whatever they want, as there is a storyline, professions, skills, and end-game content. That end-game content is PVE and PVP-oriented, giving players different choices. There is also the option to buy land in the game, which grants players a percentage of real-life revenue produced by the estate. There are 160,000 land plots in total.

Guild Of Guardians (RPG)

Although the Guild of Guardians game isn’t entering its full release for a while to come, the alpha version is coming to mobile users fairly soon. It is an interesting RPG that revolves around joining a Guild if you want the ultimate game experience and access all of its content. Players will clear dungeons and earn rewards, items, heroes, and currency to create new Guardians and tackle harder content. Users can sell everything they earn for real money, making it a play-to-earn game worth keeping an eye on. 

Aurory (PvE/PvP Gaming)

Another upcoming video game following the play-to-earn model is Aurory, a gaming platform leveraging Solamna and Serum for its in-game marketplace. It will have a token similar to Axie Infinity‘s SLP to help players progress but also allow for it to be traded and sold freely. Aurory will feature a J-RPG solo mode and multiplayer games. Every defeated enemy or creature is earned as an NFT, which will be used in multiplayer modes such as staking and PvP. 


As a game that will make its way to Steam at one point, Mist has high expectations to meet. The multiplayer action RPG lets players battle epic monsters, explore infinite environments, and collect NFTs. The in-game currency lets users farm and stake to earn in-game and out-of-game rewards. An interesting take on the play-to-earn model, particularly with non-game-related rewards thrown into the mix. 

Influence (Space MMO)

Rather than only catering the fantasy RPG crowd, the team behind Influence goes into space. The play-to-earn game is a space strategy MMO where players can colonize asteroids, discover technologies, and engage in combat. It will be possible for players to form corporations and alliances. Additionally, there will be “epic PvP space battles”, which is certainly something to look out for. 

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