5 Trending Crypto Assets To Watch This Week


Now is a good time to be crypto curious, even with assets shedding over 50% of their value in recent weeks. Lower prices mean cryptocurrencies become even more accessible to the masses. The following crypto assets are all trending searches across CoinGecko, CMC, CryptoRank, or a combination thereof. 


The growing popularity of move-to-earn projects should not be underestimated in the crypto industry. STEPN has become the de facto leading in this space, sparking tremendous search interest in its GMT token. Additionally, the STEPN team has confirmed its move-to-earn ecosystem will soon feature NFT shoe lending to enhance the project’s appeal and accessibility. 

Green Satoshi (GST-SOL)

Coinciding with the growing popularity of STEPN and GMT is a renewed interest in the other asset in this ecosystem, known as Green Satoshi on the Solana blockchain. GST Notes trending searches across CoinGecko, CMC, and Crypto Rank, indicating more people have begun taking notice of the move-to-earn concept. Users need GST in the game to upgrade their shoes, level them up, and mint new NFTs, among other things.

Celsius (CEL)

Following the [impending collapse?] issues affecting the Celsius protocol, many people wonder what is going on exactly. For those who had never heard of Celsius prior to these developments, looking up CEL across these data aggregators is crucial, as these sites provide all of the necessary details. The Celsius Network team paused all withdrawals, swaps, and account-to-account transfers on June 13 and has yet to offer an ETA on when services may resume. 

Solana (SOL)

Following a new network upgrade released by the Solana Labs team, people show an increasing interest in the ecosystem. It is good to see core updates ship to the mainnet when they are deemed viable, even if it may not offset other network concerns. DeFi on Solana continues to collapse, and the recent developments affecting Solend will not help matters improve. 

Synthetix (SNX)

As the crypto markets show signs of life again, there will be assets noting monster gains. Synthetix saw the value of SNX rise by over 100% yesterday, primarily due to a steep increase in its overall trading volume. Moreover, the recent integration of 1Inch has helped increase volume and price momentum. One must keep in mind Celsius holds roughly 6.6 million SNX, and depending on how that debacle plays out, it may significantly affect Synthetix’s market value. 

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