5 top Crypto Assets With Steep Inflation Rates in 2020

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Inflation is a very big problem in the financial sector, but it is an issue found within the cryptocurrency space as well. The following assets all have relatively high inflation rates, potentially eroding the value of these assets in the process. Statistics are provided by Viewbase.

ZCash (ZEC)

The current inflation statistics for ZCash do not look all that great. With a projected annual inflation of 27.02% at the time of writing, there are a lot of coins being brought into circulation every year. Currently, the supply sits at just over 9.6 million ZEC, with an additional 7,113 ZEC being added every 24 hours.  

Do keep in mind ZCash does not have a fixed inflation rate, thus these figures may look very different in the future.


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The inflation rate of Ripple’s native asset is fairly unique. This figure is based on the 1 billion XRP being unlocked from escrow every single month. Unsold tokens are put back into escrow at the end of the month, and put at the end of the escrow queue. 

Even so, it puts the annual inflation as high as 26.78% if all of the unlocked tokens were sold on the market. That is hardly ever the case, thus the actual figure will be lower. 

Zilliqa (ZIL)

It is interesting to note how Zilliqa ranks pretty high in terms of overall inflation. With just over 8% of the supply added every single year, there are a lot of ZIL tokens to be added for the foreseeable future. According to Viewbase, over 2.76 million tokens are added every 24 hours, which is fairly steep. 

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

The other version of Ethereum has a pretty steep rate of inflation, considering how there are over 116.3 million ETC in circulation already. With a daily emission of 21,354 ETC as of right now, there are plenty of coins being added to the Ethereum Classic market every single day. As things stand, the daily rate is 0.018%, adding up to 6.57% per year. 


Another crypto asset with a somewhat unique inflation model is NEO. The new tokens brought into circulation come directly from the supply kept by the team during the ICO. Considering how 50% of tokens were sold to the public, there was still a lot of funds to be brought into circulation. 

Tokens are issued at a rate of 5% of the supply this year, dropping to 0% come 2021. From that point forward, NEO will no longer have any inflation from this aspect, unless something changes. 

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