CryptoMode Electroneum Electricity Top-ups

Electroneum is one of those currencies that often gets overlooked, for some reason. Several statistics confirm the ecosystem is still firing on all cylinders. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for ETN.

Growing Online Wallet Interest

For a project with a mobile-first approach, getting more people interested in the web wallet is always a challenge. Electroneum seems to be on the right track. Ever since the 4 million only wallet registration figure was surpassed, the growth has continued, all things considered. Today, there are over 4,062,079 registrations, according to the spreadsheet. A more than healthy number, although there will always be room for future growth. 

Social Media Popularity is Rising

While social networks aren’t always the best way to promote cryptocurrencies, they do seem to work quite well for Electroneum. The number of supporters and watchers on Facebook has declined slightly, but that is par for the course. Twitter followers are rising, whereas Instagram is dropping slightly. Solid growth has been noted on LinkedIn and Youtube, which are becoming more prominent networks for cryptocurrency as of late. 

Electroneum Top-ups Keep Rising

One of the interesting features about Electroneum is how it can be used for mobile top-ups in select countries. To date, over 207,400 top-ups have been registered, which is a decent increase compared to a few months ago. Reaching 250,000 may take a while longer, but it is certainly possible, given the current rate of growth.

Anytask Nearly Doubles its Volume

The launch of AnyTask is designed to introduce a lot more people to Electroneum as a currency. So far, it seems this approach is working, judging by the number of tasks on the platform. According to the spreadsheet, there are now 16,347 tasks, which is nearly twice the amount recorded by Mid-August 2020. 

More Electroneum Trading Volume

Similar to most cryptocurrencies, the trading volume of Electroneum tends to go up and down regularly. By late June, ETN noted over $1 million in trading volume. That level has not been reached since, although recent volume is rather impressive. Yesterday, there was over $940,000 in trading volume across the 18 supporting exchanges. This may be a sign of things to come for ETN. 

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