5 Smaller Play-to-Earn Games And Tokens You Might Have Missed


The play-to-earn ecosystem continues to fire on all cylinders. As a result, investors, speculators, and enthusiasts show an increasing appetite for assets in this segment. The following five assets aren’t necessarily well-known, yet they note impressive price performance.

Realm (REALM)

Metaverses are the next frontier for blockchain gaming and the play-to-earn model. Realm is a community-driven open-source project where anyone can create a personalized metaverse. The ability to have a custom and unique experience is lacking in traditional gaming today, yet metaverse technology introduces new opportunities. REALM, the asset of Realm, noted an 89.3% increase this week. 

DeFi Warrior (FIWA)

Combining NFT and DeFi functionality with play-to-earn can yield some surprising projects. DeFi Warrior goes down this path in a crypto galaxy game setting. Every blockchain represents a planet, and every crypto is a warrior. Warriors can build coin mining facilities and fights enemies or bosses for rewards. FIWA, the main token in the game, gained 7.6% this week. Not the most substantial gain, but it is a relatively unknown project, by the look of things.

DogemonGo (DOGO)

When combining the concept of PokemonGo with the most popular meme currency, one gets DogomonGo. Players can catch Dogemons as a trainer and use them to battle and progress through the game. Interestingly, players can find cryptocurrency as prey among other Dogemons, creating an appealing option to explore. This week, DOGO gained 6.9% in value, which is more than acceptable for a fairly unknown play-to-earn game. 


VIBE presents itself as a project that will bring more visibility to marketplaces and hubs inside Augmented and Virtual Reality, assuming they are created on the Ethereum blockchain. The VIBE currency will drive these marketplaces. There is also a focus on next-generation NFTs, new gaming standards, etc. This week, the VIBE token value soared by 184.6%, which is rather impressive under the bearish market conditions. 

Chain Guardians (CGG)

The Chain Guardians platform combines traditional gaming with blockchain technology and play-to-earn capabilities. Players can explore the free-to-play NFT mining platform and Role-playing game to bring blockchain gaming to more users. Earning income is possible from ventures, which is why P2E has become such an appealing concept. CGG, the in-game currency, notes a 56.5% increase this week.

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