5 Smaller Metaverse Currencies You May Not Have Heard Of

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Investing in metaverse currencies is often a solid approach to starting a crypto portfolio. Although most coins have a smaller cap and pose a significant risk, keeping tabs on new developments is crucial. The following five metaverse coins all note strong momentum today, even if they fly under people’s radars a bit. 

Meta Doge (METADOGE)

Although there is no lack of dog-themed meme coins, Meta Doge seems to be on a strong push today. Or that is what one would think when looking at the 20.4% price increase. However, METADOGE has just $722 in trading volume and a market cap of $253,000. Metadoge is a 3D metaverse game featuring NFT characters called Metadoges, evolving from the meme coin it was originally intended to become. 

Highstreet (HIGH)

It is often best not to invest too much in metaverse currencies that have no verified circulating supply, even if the maximum supply is known. Highstreet has a 15.3% price gain for the day, with an estimated $11 million in trading volume. As the circulating supply isn’t verified, its current market cap remains uncertain. However, the fully diluted cap would put Highstreet at $147.3 million. An interesting valuation for the “Shopify on an MMORPG Metaverse” project. 

Rainicorn (RAINI)

Who doesn’t like a good unicorn-themed cryptocurrency? Those who are invested in Rainicorn will be happy with today’s price increase of 14.3%. Moreover, the project approaches the $10 million market cap, despite a rather weak daily volume of under $178,000. Rainicorn serves as a deflationary NFT farming token with a native trading card game in the works. Additionally, the team wants to use platform revenue to offset carbon emissions partially. 

Aurory (AURY)

Another metaverse currency trying to make a name for itself is Aurory, which has a 14.1% price gain for the day. Moreover, it has a market cap of $22 million and a daily volume of over $1.7 million, which creates a slightly more solid foundation. Aurory will turn into a tactical and turn-based NFT-creature battling JRPG on the Solana blockchain. Players can quest, explore, discover, battle, and engage in PvE and PvP combat. 

Wilder World (WILD)

The final metaverse currency on today’s watch list is Wilder World, the currency of the immersive 3D universe powered by NFTs. Players can roam the world, acquire land, decorate avatars with assets and accessories, and more. Wilder World has a daily gain of 13.4%, bringing its market cap closer to $19 million. The daily volume of $950,000 remains fairly low, despite being listed on MEXC Global and Gate.io, among other platforms. 

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