5 Smaller-Cap GameFi Projects To Keep An Eye On


GameFi is one of the blockchain and crypto industry concepts that keeps gaining attention. Several projects in this space try to note lasting market momentum, which is never easy. However, it may be worth exploring some of the smaller-cap GameFi projects, although caution and research remain advised. 

Crabada (CRA)

Play-to-earn NFT games smite many people, and Crabada aims to carve out its market position. As the name suggests, the world revolves around fighting Hermit-Crabs called Crabada, which can be bred and traded freely. Players will earn the CRA governance token, which can be staked through GameFi mechanics. Thanks to a weekly performance f +62.5%, CRA is on many people’s radars all of a sudden. The project slowly approaches the $100 million market cap. 

CateCoin (CATE)

Although CateCoin is a meme currency, the deflationary mechanics give it a GameFi element through its real-use platform. Moreover, meme creators can sell their creations as NFTs, with CATE holders earning 2% of every transaction. There is also a gamified staking option to earn up to 15% per annum, which can be appealing to the right people. This week, CATE had a 97.2% gain, pushing the market cap to nearly $63 million.

Netvrk (NTVRK)

The infrastructure that will power current and future GameFi projects is always worth exploring. Netvrk is a social VR platform that lets users create, share, and monetize creations on the blockchain. Although it remains unclear how well this infrastructure will perform under pressure, it creates interesting opportunities. Despite a 37.1% weekly price increase, NTVRK has under $80 million in market cap. 

Pegaxy Stone (PGX)

Horse racing and play-to-earn mechanics can make for exciting combinations. Pegaxy Stone combines both elements on the Polygon blockchain and maintains a dual-token structure. Players must combine skills with strategy and deal with random in-game mechanics to end in the top 3 of every race. It is a GameFi project with renting, breeding, and trading elements, giving the project a market cap of just over $38 million. 

GamerCoin (GHX)

GamerCoin is a crucial pillar of the GamerHash platform. Users can earn GHX through various GameFi mechanics, including mining and entertainment. Moreover, the currency can unlock various benefits and special Marketplace offers, which is rather intriguing. The strong weekly performance of +26.1% gives GamerCoin a market cap of over $18.6 million. 

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