5 Small-cap PoS Coins to Watch: AKRO, PDEX, IDEX, WAN, FARM

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Proof-of-stake remains one of the more accessible passive revenue streams in cryptocurrency. Although it requires dealing with volatile assets, the returns can prove worthwhile. The following low-cap PoS coins all offer appealing rewards, although investors should conduct due diligence first. 

Akropolis (AKRO)

Most people may have never heard of Akropolis, even if it is a DeFi-oriented project. The protocol helps users generate sustainable yields on autopilot. Its primary service is in open beta, so users should be cautious before committing big sums. However, AKRO token holders can continually stake their coins to increase their portfolio. It has an overall market cap of under $500,000 and roughly 18% annual rewards. Such high returns are always appealing in the world of PoS coins.

Polkadex (PDEX)

The Polkadex platform is a non-custodial P2P trading platform for the Polkadot ecosystem. It supports up to 500,000 TPS and high-frequency trading and trading bots. Similar to other projects, Polkadex has a native token, called PDEX. That token helps reduce swap fees when staking. Following a 12% increase in the PDEX price, the adjusted 18.45% staking reward is much more appealing. The project has a market cap of $15.1 million, making it one of the many low-cap PoS coins.

Idex (IDEX)

Most people are familiar with Idex, as it is one of the oldest Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges. However, its IDEX token has fallen on hard times, barely surpassing $0.06, for a market cap of $43.8 million. However, users looking to stake their tokens can expect a yearly return of over 19.2%. That is a significant portfolio increase through passive income. Over 41% of the is staked by its community members, confirming strong commitment. 

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Wanchain (WAN)

There was a time when Wanchain was one of the most talked-about altcoins on Twitter. Unfortunately, those days seem long gone now, as is the $WAN all-time high of $9.84. That said, the token has seen a minor uptrend recently, bringing its value to $0.22 and the market cap to $44 million. Those still holding the token may want to explore proof-of-stake options, as the 6.19% annual reward remains attractive. In addition, under 15% of the supply engages in staking, ensuring more rewards for network supporters. 

Harvest Finance (FARM)

Even though every $FARM token is worth over $40 – at a $27 million market cap – few people talk about Harvest Finance. It is a very straightforward protocol that gamifies decentralized finance and everything that comes with it. It seems unlikely that FARM will ever see its all-time high of $5,078 again, but staking the token can be appealing. The 4.47% annual reward makes for a healthy passive income compared to other PoS coins, given the token’s higher price. That also explains why over 14% of the supply is staked on the network. 

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