5 Small-cap DeFi Assets Hitting A New All-time High Today

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There is still tremendous bullish sentiment across nearly all cryptocurrency markets. For DeFi assets, that will often lead to new all-time highs sooner or later. Per CryptoRank, these assets have noted a new all-time high in the past 24 hours, and more may be on the horizon. 

Strong (STRONG)

The STRONG governance asset maintains a very high value of $871. That may seem like a lot, although the currency recently noted a new ATH of $889 just a few hours ago. The Strong project is a bit different in DeFi due to using node pools rather than liquidity pools. Moreover, The award system is built for node metrics instead of stablecoins, providing returns to stakers, nodes, and long-term holders alike. 

Qredo (QRD)

One can best describe Qredo as a layer two decentralized custodian protocol focused on compliance and governance. There is also a layer three decentralized communications solution to enable instant peer communication through end-to-end encryption. Additionally, the DeFi purpose is to generate segregated deposit addresses and prevent private key theft. Currently trading at $3,46, QRED is not far off the ATH of $3.5 recorded earlier.

Geist Finance (GEIST)

The Geist Finance protocol provides decentralized and non-custodial liquidity market solutions through the Fantom Opera blockchain. Moreover, there is no protocol treasury as GEIST doesn’t provide governance or ownership. However, it can be staked to earn protocol fees or locked to receive protocol fees and exit penalties paid by users exiting their vesting period early. The current price of $2.4 confirms the DeFi asset will remain close to its $2.43 ATH recorded today.

Snowball (SNOB)

The current DeFi ecosystem is fractured and can be challenging to navigate. Snowball solves this problem by combining multiple protocols and creating an interconnected experience. Users can swap, deposit liquidity, or auto-compound rewards. SNOBś all-time high value was broken today when the price reached $0.924, although it currently trades for $0.914.


Solana is quickly becoming a powerful blockchain for all of the crypto trends, including NFTs and DeFi. Through its faster, cheaper, and more powerful” solution, SOLA Token aims to become a competitor in this crowded space. SOLA Token set a new all-time high today at $0.253, ye the price has seen a significant setback to $0.187. It will be interesting to see if this market can rebound. 

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