5 Small-Cap Altcoins With Strong Momentum In Q4 2022

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Cryptocurrency traders and speculators always seek new opportunities to make money. A quick buck is usually better than holding for days, weeks, or months. The following small-cap coins all noted strong momentum in the past month, making them worth keeping an eye on. 

Kaspa (KAS)

Many cryptocurrency projects aim to become the leader Layer-1 blockchain with low fees and high throughput. That is easier said and done and not necessarily a requirement to be successful. Bitcoin isn’t the fastest network in the world, yet BTC is the leading cryptocurrency. Kaspa saw a monthly return of 328.9% in November. Remarkable, as KAS opposed the overarching trend of losing value. December is rocky, but it remains a small-cap project at just over $108 million. 

Kepple (QLC)

Although most people wouldn’t have Kepple on their watchlist, that may change soon. The project was formerly known as QLC Chain yet retained the QLC ticker. Kepple’s mission is to bring Web3 features on the BNB Chain to social media platforms with its multi-tool extension. That may explain why QLC achieved a monthly return of over 163% in November. It is common for this currency to see such price spikes, although there is often a setback shortly after.

Battle World (BWO)

Blockchain gaming and metaverse projects remain of keen interest to speculators and investors. There is tremendous market potential, although over 95% of projects will ultimately fail. Whether Battle World falls into that category remains unclear, but BWO saw its price rise by over 155% last month. Early December shows steep losses, though, but a market correction is to be expected after such an uptrend. Its $46 million market cap makes it a worthwhile small-cap coin. 

Cap (CAP)

The current price of CAP is over $229, which may seem rather steep. However, it is one of the projects with a low circulating supply (100,000). Whether that will benefit the free decentralized perpetual exchange is a different matter, but there is a growing interest in the project. At a market cap of under $23 million, Cap is a small-cap project that may repeat its last month’s performance of +106.4%. In fact, CAP has gained over 99% in four of the past five months, which is rather impressive. 

PlatON Network (LAT)

Privacy in the decentralized world is harder to come by than some might think. As such, projects embracing privacy will always find an audience. Although PlatON Network is a small-cap project at $47.3 million, it has the backing of Hashkey Capital. Moreover, its LAT token gained 42.5% last month and continued to build momentum in early December. An interesting market trend that may yield more returns in the final weeks of 2022. 

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