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Many different cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystems have the potential for serious growth. Cosmos is one of the projects, yet its market cap seems mostly unaffected by recent developments. A lot is happening behind the scenes lately, though. 

Chainapsis & Keplr Roadmap

In a recent Medium post, the team behind Chaimapsis and Keplr unveiled the plans for the remainder of 2021. For a project that is just six months old, a lot has been achieved in quick succession. It is one of the many projects advancing the Cosmos ecosystem, including Ledger hardware wallet support and permissionless integration of new chains. 

Throughout the coming 11 months, the team will focus on various aspects. One crucial step is the support for IBC, which we discuss below. There will also be an integration of Ethereum and Ethermint, as well as a mobile solution. All of these upgrades will bring Cosmos and this technology to the forefront in the coming months. 

Cosmos Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC)

One of the primary advantages of Cosmos is how it will have the IBC. This protocol promotes interoperability and allows for connecting the global economy to blockchain technology. The team is confident IBC will help build the Internet of Money and create a new token economy. 

The launch of IBC is imminent, and it will benefit any ecosystem leveraging the Cosmos SDK. This includes the DeFi platform Kava, CertiK, Secret Network, and others. An exciting development for the Cosmos community.

Whitepaper Completion

It doesn’t happen all that often, but Cosmos is one of the few projects that completed its initial whitepaper and vision. It has taken some time to do so, but it is evident this milestone cannot be ignored. A new roadmap for Cosmos Hub (nicknamed Gaia) is being put together. Options to explore include AMM platforms, derivatives, and so forth. 

Plenty of Developer Activity

A cryptocurrency or blockchain network is only as versatile as its developer community. Although Cosmos doesn’t get much credit on this front, the activity on GitHub speaks volumes. There is always some form of activity since April of 2014, indicating things are heading in the right direction.

In the past month, there has been more activity for Cosmos than most other blockchains. With the upcoming developments regarding IBC, it is plausible to assume some last-minute fine-tuning is taking place. All of this activity hints at a big 2021 for Cosmos. 

Active Community Voting

Ever since decentralized finance has taken root, the concept of community voting has become somewhat of a meme. Every DeFi token grants some voting rights to its users. However, few people actively engage in these processes for reasons unknown. With Cosmos, the situation is very different.

The recent Cosmos proposals note a strong community voting engagement. This may not affect the value or demand for ATOM right away, yet it shows a lot more to this asset than most people may think. Still, it is an aspect worth taking note of.

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