5 Polkadot Wallets Worth Checking out

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Given the popularity of Polkadot and the native DOT token, storing one’s assets becomes crucial. Finding the right wallet is essential, yet often much easier said than done. Thankfully, there are a fair few options available to token holders today.

Polkawallet (Mobile)

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts store their assets on mobile devices. For Polkadot, there is a viable option in this regard as well. Known as Polkawallet, it is a mobile wallet with cross-chain asset management support. 

Users will be able to partake in staking and governance. Ensuring all functionality can be accessed through a convenient interface is beneficial to all parties involved. Polkawallet is a modern wallet for the modern crypto asset holder. 

AToken (Mobile)

Competition is heating up among mobile wallets for all types of cryptocurrency assets. AToken is positioning itself as a new content for supporting multiple assets. It supports a lot of assets, including Polkadot, according to PolkaProject. A welcome addition that is very useful for people who own other crypto assets as well.

Cobo Wallet (Mobile)

Another mobile wallet to check out comes in the form of Cobo Wallet. Especially when used in conjunction with the Cobo Vault, it is a very robust solution. With support for Polkadot, it is a great way to combine convenience and security and a native dApp Store. A very useful tool for both novice and advanced cryptocurrency users. 

Zondax (Hardware)

Owners of the Ledger hardware wallet often have to wait a while until their favorite asset is supported. This creates some friction, yet there are ways to circumvent this situation.

Through Zondax, it is possible to use Polkadot in combination with a Ledger hardware wallet. A very interesting offering. Hardware wallets are the best way to store crypto assets.

Math Wallet (All-round)

For users who prefer a cross-device solution, Math Wallet may prove worthwhile. It works on mobile, as a web wallet, or a hardware-based solution. Polkadot is one of the several dozen public chains supported today. Being able to access DOT across different devices through the same type of interface is a major selling point. 

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