5 Play-to-earn Tokens With 80% Gains Or More This Week


Play-to-earn games continue to attract much attention from players, investors, and speculators. As new initiatives launch nearly every week, looking at token price performances becomes crucial. Several projects note a weekly gain of 80% or more this week, confirming there is still much to look forward to.  

Magic Beasties (BSTS)

Like many other play-to-earn blockchain games, Magic Beasties leverages the monster theme to let players collect ultra-rare monsters, play with them, explore adventures, trade, and earn. BSTS, the native token of this gaming ecosystem, is hyper-deflationary and issued in the in-game store to purchase Beasties and other items.  Its weekly performance of +328% brings the BSTS market cap to $59.9 million. 

Radio Caca (RACA)

Although the name might not sound too appealing, investors and speculators are interested in the RACA token. A weekly 169% gain and a market cap of $152 million confirm overall demand for exposure to this play-to-earn token called RACA. The project serves as an exclusive manager of the MPB NFT and the DeFi+GameFi vehicle for the USM Metaverse. USM is an MMO 3D mapping metaverse. A more elaborate project than just a play-to-earn game, but one worth paying attention to. 

Kryptomon (KMON)

Kryptomon is one of the many NFToriented play-to-earn blockchain games where monsters take center stage. Players can care for, breed, fight with, and earn with their unique kryptomon units. The game will eventually encompass metaverse and mobile gaming compatibility, both of which can be crucial additions. The value of KMON rose by 93% this week, pushing the game’s market cap to $27.7 million. 

Binamon (BMON)

Unlike most play-to-earn games, Binamon aims to bring forth a gaming metaverse of digital monsters one can collect by purchasing packs. Players can collect Binamons, fight other monsters, explore the campaign, and benefit from multiple ways to earn. It is also possible to stake Binamons to earn $BMON tokens. That token saw its value increase by 83% this week, bringing the market cap to $46.5 million.

Warena (RENA)

The Warena game is an intriguing addition, as it claims to provide the first personalized NFT-based play-to-earn gaming experience. Gameplay revolves around action survival in both PvE and PvP content. The first phase involves a 2D tower defense mode, whereas phase 2 introduces a 3D game and broader metaverse. RENA, the native asset of this P2E ecosystem, yields an 80% gain this week, resulting in a market cap of $16.8 million. 

Source: CryptoRank

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