5 Play-to-Earn Gaming Tokens Noting Over 100% Gains This Week


Play-to-earn blockchain games are of great interest to a growing audience. However, the native tokens of these games remain of great interest to speculators. Several assets recently noted a weekly gain of over 100%, indicating that this industry segment is still strong. 

My Master War (MAT)

When DeFi and NFT technology meet gaming, exciting things are bound to happen eventually. For My Master War, that approach provides a free play-to-earn and staking model, where players do not spend money upfront. Instead, native currency MAT is used to buy game items and upgrade levels. It notes a 183% increase this week, pushing its market cap to $22.1 million. 

CryptoMines (ETERNAL)

Sci-Fi-themed games will often tend to do well, as it is an environment many players can get behind. CryptoMines, a play-to-earn project on the Binance Smart Chain, focuses on exploration, creating guilds, and bringing players together in engaging activities. ETERNAL, the main currency of the game, notes a 135% weekly price surge. The project now has a $86.2 million market cap. 

Forest Knight (KNIGHT)

The fantasy world of Forest Knight, available on mobile and PC, is a play-to-earn and free-to-play game for players of all ages. Players need to pick their moves wisely and with opponents across multiple battlefields. The KNIGHT currency provides in-game benefits, governance, and more. KNIGHT has noted a 129% price increase throughout the week, bringing Forest Knight’s toke’s valuation to $3.5 million. 


DNAxCAT is a cat metaverse on the blockchain, creating a digital cat pet world to raise and breed various cute cats. Additionally, players can fight shoulder-to-shoulder with these cats throughout their adventures. Whether one wants to breed, collect, fight, craft, or partake in events, the game provides all these options. The governance and in-game currency of DNAxCAT is DXCT, which rose in value by 126%. The token’s market cap is now $7.1 million. 

Deathroad (DRACE)

As the first metaverse racing game with a race-to-earn model, Deathroad continues to attract much attention. The game provides a battle mode, showroom, land property, car rental, marketplace, and city hall solution to engage players across the DeathRoad metaverse. The DRACE token saw its value increase by 106% this week, pushing the project’s market cap to $12.1 million. 

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