5 Play-to-Earn Games On Android Building Social Momentum


Play-to-earn gaming continues to dominate the blockchain gaming landscape. Many players prefer to play on mobile devices, with Android being the more common ecosystem to explore. The five following games are all available on Android, and they seem to generate more social interest than before. 

The Mars: Metaverse Project

Any blockchain gaming venture can pave the way to establishing the metaverse, although it remains unclear which projects will get there. For example, the Mars team wants to build a Mars-themed metaverse where suers can own land in “Colonies” and build housing or commercial buildings on it. One can also lease the property through smart contracts. Users earn MRST tokens by contributing via gameplay, enabling play-to-earn opportunities for everyone involved. The metaverse platform will go live in 2023, yet it appears overall interest is booming. 


It would appear there has been a growing amount of development regarding Android play-to-earn blockchain games lately. HEROCATGAMEFI, or HERO CAT, combines NFT technology with DeFi mining. Players play while earning money and the other way around. The game revolves around cat heroes who will fight and join battles, can be developed, and benefit from upgrades. The game will come out across all platforms, including Switch and Xbox, although there is no official release date yet. 


There is tremendous potential among competing blockchain ecosystems to make their mark on blockchain gaming. Cardano may be a blockchain to watch, at least where the CARdano4SPEED initiative is concerned. It is still in development but aims to make play-to-earn accessible to everyone. Moreover, the NFT-based in-game items are a multi-gen collection of eye-catching performance cars; they also grant access to the game and any benefits that come along with it. While the game is being developed for the web, Android, iOS, and Windows, there is no release date yet. 

Chumbi Valley

Role-playing games are always popular among gamers worldwide, and they can introduce tremendous play-to-earn opportunities to players worldwide. Chumbi Valley is such a game where bipedal NFT creatures take center stage in a mysterious forest valley. Players can breed and collect Chumbi, explore, and battle for crypto rewards. Maintaining a farm and growing crops will yield higher rewards. In-game resources can be used to craft NFT items, and there are automation spells to earn money offline. The game will run on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon and become available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Along With The Gods

As the only Android play-to-earn game that is accessible in this brief list, Along With The Gods focuses on Heroes, Classes, enhancing/enchanting items, thrilling battles, special abilities, and strategy. All heroes can be upgraded and Awakened, and players can collect 15 different Runes with various properties to customize a Hero’s strengths.  Moreover, the developers promise an endless amount of content, including Arena, Exploration, Boss Raids, Heroic Dungeons, Investigation, and more. The game only runs on Android. 

Source: PlayToEarn

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