The play-to-earn blockchain gaming model continues to attract a lot of attention. While most enthusiasts are familiar with one or two games, there is a whole world of opportunities to explore. The social sentiment rankings by CryptoRank show interesting things brewing behind the scenes of various projects.

Axie Infinity Leads The Pack

Given the current play-to-earn blockchain gaming landscape, there is no reason why Axie Infinity should not top the charts currently. It is a top-rated blockchain game that allows players to earn money if they play it well. Moreover, the in-game economy seems to be booming, contributing to this project’s overall social activity. How long the game can sustain this top position remains unclear, but the concept of battling with pets – in PvE and PvP modes – will remain viable for the foreseeable future. 


Cryptoblades is another play-to-earn blockchain game, but one in a more traditional fantasy setting. Players earn SKILL tokens by defeating enemies, raiding, and staking their gains. Additionally, it is possible to craft character and weapon NFTs to advance in the game or sell them through the native marketplace. Cryptoblades also offers endless customization for characters and weapons. An interesting option that seems to gain social traction among the play-to-earn crowd, indicating the concept is appealing.

Foxy NFT

As an experimental non-fungible token game on the Binance Smart Chain, Foxy NFT lets users play-to-earn by battling others and earn Foxy tokens in the process. Players can adopt pets, breed them, and use them in the game or resell them on the marketplace. The game supports PvE and PVP battling, although the interface is a bit basic. Even so, it is a viable project to get people acquainted with blockchain-based play-to-earn gaming. 


The LoserChick game is a 3D on-chain “claw crane”. Players can play for free but access various financial services and products along the way. The LoserChick ecosystem spams NFT functionality, liquidity mining, NFT minting, NFT stake mining, asset trading, and so forth. It is interesting to see an arcade-style game come to the blockchain and embrace the play-to-earn model, yet that concept also provides tremendous potential. 

X World Games

X World Games positions itself as a decentralized gaming ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchains. Players can earn native tokens by playing free games, including Dream Card. Through this game, players will earn collectible characters, which can be traded on the marketplace or cultivated to become new characters with different features and combat attributes. The tam plans to develop more games in the future and more details will be announced via the official social channels. 

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