5 Options to Earn Over 850% Annually in DeFi Yield Farming

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It has been a while since people actively discussed current DeFi yield farming rates. There are still options to earn over 1,000% annually. Exploring these options always carries risks. Never invest more money than you can afford to lose. 

DeFi Yield Farming in Late 2020

It is somewhat uncommon to see very high DeFi yield farming rates in late 2020. Not because these rates are hard to come by, but rather because some of the initial decentralized finance hype appears to be over. Bitcoin remaining close to $19,000 and the launch of Ethereum staking are two contributing factors in this regard.

ESD/USDC Yields 1,844% Yearly

The Empty Set Dollar / USDC pool seems to be a worthwhile option for those who still want to farm yield. It currently has roughly $76 million in value locked, yielding an annual return of over 1,844%. It is a high return, but it appears to be a less risky one.

VOX / USDC Yields 967.37% Yearly

The second-highest yield farm on the list has half the yearly return of ESD/USDC. An exciting turn of events, yet one that shows how the DeFi industry is evolving. Users looking to earn a yield on VOX / SUDC can expect a yearly return of over 967%. This pair has just under $99,000 in value locked, which isn’t too impressive. 

MIXS / USDC Offers 921.83% Yearly

It is interesting to see how these less-liquid pools tend to offer a relatively high DeFi yield again. Most of these pairs are tied to USDC as well, rather than USDT or DAI. MIXS, the native asset of Streamix, has a pool with USDC capable of providing 921.83% in annual yield. It has $75,249 in liquidity, indicating this rate will plummet if more people explore this option. 

MIXS / VALUE Offers 893.96% Yearly

Considering how Streamix is the only project with two decent yield farming pools on today’s list, it must be a somewhat decent project. Its MIXS / VALUE pair can yield up to 894% annually. Similar to the other MIXS pair, its overall value locked is meager at $62,400. 

STRONG Yields 855.28% Yearly

Perhaps one of the more intriguing options on the list is STRONG. Farming yield through the Strong Pool STRONG option can provide a lucrative return. With nearly $105,000 in the pool, it is not the most liquid option on the table. However, it can be worthwhile to check out, as it does not require a counterparty asset. 

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