5 NFT Projects With Significant Trading Volume Last Month: OGN, DGB, TVK, BNU, MANA

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Projects in the NFT industry continue to attract a lot of attention. It is not just about the collections themselves but also the projects and ecosystems using this technology. Several NFT projects note a substantial increase in trading volume, indicating the momentum is picking up. Sustaining that growth will be the hard part though. 

Origin Protocol (OGN)

For those unaware, Origin Protocol has gotten on many people’s radar for bringing NFTs and DeFi to the masses. The ecosystem spans an NFT platform with high-profile drops and the Origin Dollar stablecoin with automatic yield earning capabilities. The value of $OGN has remained near $1.18, but the trading volume last month increased by over 340%. An impressive run, indicating the $416 million market cap might not remain the same for long. 

DigiByte (DGB)

Most crypto enthusiasts will be familiar with the DigiByte brand. It is one of the longest-running alternative blockchains in the industry. More importantly, DigiByte supports non-fungible tokens, making it appealing to artists and developers alike. The monthly trading volume increase by 260% confirms people have noticed what this ecosystem brings to the table. The big question is how long DigiByte’s market cap will stay below $1 billion. 

Terra Virtue Kolect (TVK)

Most people may not be aware of Terra Virtua, an ecosystem still in a public beta. It features a marketplace, collections, and the Kolect Token. Moreover, the website claims how Terra Virtua can let users see digital art as one has never seen before. It is good to see more competing ecosystems focus on NFT technology. Traders show an increasing appetite for TVK, yielding a 224% trading volume increase. Even so, the project’s market cap remains below $200 million. 

ByteNext (BNU)

The ByteNext project positions itself as an NFT-centric metaverse incubator where users can unlock the true power of the Metaverse. That is a very tough label to live up to, although the native marketplace, launchpad, and decentralized exchange can all play a crucial role. The focus on NFTs will attract many people, which is visible for the BNU trading volume. A monthly gain of 213% is rather impressive for any ecosystem. 

Decentraland (MANA)

Most people active in the world of NFTs and metaverses will be familiar with the Decentraland brand. It is a go-to place to create a virtual world and help shape the future of this technology. More and more projects aim to establish a presence in that virtual world, contributing to the rising MANA trading volume. A monthly increase by 181% confirms interest in Decentraland rises, and the $5.83 billion market cap may be a stepping stone. 

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