5 NFT Projects To Watch This Week: CryptoCrystal, CryptoKitties, CryptoBabyPunks OS, Blitmap, HODL GANG


Non-fungible tokens remain one of the hottest commodities in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space today. As a result, several projects note a sudden surge of interest, which piques the interest of speculators and investors. The following NFT projects all show a substantial volume increase in the past day, although this momentum can always turn around on a dime. 

CryptoCrystal (+8250.8%)

The overall 24-hour volume of CryptoCrystal is skyrocketing on OpenSea. People may think it is weird to buy digital pet rocks on the blockchain, but stranger things happen in this industry. CryptoCrystal is, per the description, sentient Shiny Crystals with unique personalities. The current floor price for CryptoCrystal is 0.06 ETH and notes nearly 200 ETH in volume traded. 

CryptoKitties (+1009.53%)

As one of the “original” NFT projects to gain traction, CryptoKitties tends to go through cycles of massive interest and nearly disinterest. Nevertheless, virtual cats on the blockchain are still a draw for many people, indicative of the current trading volume. It is still affordable to get involved in this project, as the CryptoKitties can be picked up for nearly no money. More exclusive breeds, however, will still fetch a reasonable price. The sales volume has now surpassed 66.6k ETH, which is rather impressive.

The CryptoBabyPunks OS (+652.5%)

Following the success of CrytoPunks, it is not entirely surprising to see some projects hit the market that borrows this idea. The CryptoBabyPunks OS is undoubtedly an exciting project that seems to be of great interest to many people. With 762 ETH in traded volume and a floor price of 1.19 ETH, it will be interesting to see if this project will come anywhere close to the prices and popularity of CryptoPunks. 

Blitmap (+628.9%)

Artistically speaking, Blitmap is very different from most other projects. As a community-0reated sci-fantasy universe, the artwork is a bit “trippier” than most. However, NFT holders gain access to expansion packs and other perks. The upcoming Blitmap expansion will introduce a new craftable collection known as the Blitnauts. Currently, the project has a 5ETH floor price and 801 ETH in volume traded. Sustaining that momentum will be a tough ask. 

HODL GANG (+343.7%)

Animated NFTs will always capture the attention of onlookers. HODL GANG, a collection of randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, consists of 3000 gang members with a unique body, head, face, outfit, and accessories. Although the collection is relatively new, it has generated 249 ETH in trading volume and established a floor price of 0.13 ETH. Certainly worth keeping tabs on, although not all projects will become the next moonshot. 

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