5 NFT Collections With 1% Or Less Of Their Supply For Sale Today


As there is still much interest in NFTs today, investors will try to acquire the rarer collections out there. Several projects have less than 1% of their supply listed on marketplaces today. That doesn’t mean they will become more valuable over time, but it creates a degree of scarcity. 

Adidas Originals: Into The Metaverse

It is well-known how big brands and companies eagerly explore opportunities in Web3 and the Metaverse. Dabbling in non-fungible tokens is an obvious solution, and Adidas has taken the plunge early on. Its Originals: Into the Metaverse collection notes a weekly volume of 413 ETH and a price floor of 1.2 ETH. However, there are no listings for this NFT on marketplaces, nor have there been any in the past week. Interesting, considering there are 73 fewer owners compared to a week ago. 

Wolf Game

The Wolf Game NFT collection has noted some interesting momentum in the past week. For a collection with 0.5% of the NFTs listed for sale, one would expect a higher floor than 0.64 ETH. However, there have been just 101 sales and 182 ETH in volume this week as it is a rather scarce asset to purchase on marketplaces. In addition, the collection welcomed three new owners this week and saw listings decrease by 21. 

Pixelated Llama

Although a 13.8% NFT price floor decrease is always a bit problematic, the Pixelated Llama collection remains in a good place. Its current floor sits at 2.75 ETH, even though there were just 43 sales this week. With 134 ETH in volume and 0.9% of the collection up for grabs, interesting things can happen. There are ten fewer listings this week but also 22 fewer holders. 


Unlike Pixelated Llama, Critterz noted a hefty price floor increase by 27.82%, bringing it to 0.29 ETH. Its weekly volume of 8.31 ETH isn’t too spectacular, but there is barely 1% of the collection across marketplaces today. A small decrease in listings and a minor dip in owners seem to confirm most people are in it for the long haul. Things are always subject to change in this industry, though. 

NFT Worlds

Nothing too exciting happened to NFT Worlds this past week, although its price floor of 3.79 ETH remains pretty decent. Like Critterz, it has 1% of its collection on marketplaces today and yielded 89 trades for 326 ETH in volume. Additionally, this week yields nine fewer listings and 11 fewer holders, contributing to the 5.02% price floor decrease. 

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