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5 NFT Collections To Watch: pLOOT, Loot, Art Blocks, Gear, Settlements

In the NFT industry, there are always exciting and new collections worth keeping tabs on. Due to the sheer number of daily drops, it can be hard to keep tabs on everything. The following NFT collections note tremendous momentum in the past day, making them rather appealing for this weekend. Always do your own research before making financial commitments. 


pLOOT is an NFT collection revolving around the Goddess of Punk and The People’s Punks. Punk-related collections have proven to be incredibly successful in recent months, although not all derived projects will prove viable in the long run. It is a Loot-related NFT collection that allows players to build their own adventures as they see fit. A unique take on bringing utility to non-fungible tokens, although there may be an overabundance of Loot-related drops if this trend keeps up. The collection spans 8,000 items and noted over 50.000 ETH in 24-hour trading volume.  IT has a price floor of 0.17 ETH.


The randomized adventurer gear project is getting a lot of attention since its drop earlier this week. Loot NFTs will not include stats or images, as those are left up to the players’ imagination. In a way, it is a spin on traditional Dungeons & Dragons, but with a modern twist. Loot notes 7.509 ETH in 24-hour volume, and the collection encompasses 7,800 items. The current price floor is 13.84 ETH. 

Art Blocks

The Art Blocks NFT collection spans three categories: Curated, Factory, and Playground. Every collection has a different set of items, ranging between 18.400 and 49,100 NFTs, respectively. Its 24-hour volume sits at 3,092 ETH, and the floor price is – on average across the three collections – 3.8 ETH. Many people seem smitten by Art Blocks, even though the sheer number of NFTs in every category can limit its price potential somewhat. 


Another collection in the Loot ecosystem, Gear, tries to make its impact by introducing randomized cyber gear. Similar to Loot, it has no stats or images but merely creates an extra set of options for Punks to explore opportunities within the broader Loot universe. The collection spans 7,800 items with a current price floor of 0.13 ETH and over 2,725 ETH in 24-hour volume. All of these collections are popping off, it seems, although sustaining that excitement will prove challenging. 


Settlements introduces a turn-based on-chain NFT game where rarity is not determined but can only be discovered. It borrows some aspects from the Loot idea, although it shows many opportunities are waiting to be explored. Its collection spans 9.900 items, with a current floor price of 0.2 ETH. The daily volume of 1,573 ETH is fairly impressive and puts many other NFT projects to shame. 

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