5 NFT Collections Noting Strong Momentum During Early January

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The first few days of January 2022 are behind us, and NFTs seem to benefit from some renewed market momentum. The overall volume on OpenSea is on track to obliterate that of the previous months, and certain collections note rather impressive volumes. Sustaining this growth will prove rather challenging, but it is an intriguing development this early into the year. 


The PhantaBear collection is a relatively new addition to the NFT space. That might explain its current price floor of 0.8 ETH and an average sale price of 2.95 ETH. Moreover, the collection has over 10.825 ETH in trading volume for the past three days, confirming its overall appeal. Every PhantaBear NFT grants access to the Ezek Club and unlocks individual levels of access and perks for its owners. 


Like PhantaBear, OxyaOriginProject holds a price floor of 0.8 ETH, although its average price is 1.249 ETH. Thanks to over 6.200 ETH in three-day volume, it is one of the hottest NFT collections on the market today. The collection of 3D characters spans multiple tribes and over 250 attributes. They are part of the Oxya origin collaborate-to-earn RPG ecosystem created by talented artists and game developers to introduce social experiments and lands conquests. 

Flyfish Club

As a collection with 1,520 NFTs, Flyfish Club has a higher degree of scarcity than the other collections on this list. It also has a higher floor, of 3.5 ETH, with an average sale price of 4.477 ETH. Moreover, the three-day trading volume of 3.493 Ether is equally impressive. Flyfish Club serves as a members-only private dining club for NFT holders providing access to culinary, cultural, and social experiences in New York City. 


For those looking for a more affordable NFT collection, TheHeartProject may prove worthwhile. Its floor of 0.17 ETH and average price of 0.808 Ether make it more affordable. However, the volume is picking up strongly and now tops almost 3.500 ETH in the past three days. The Heart Project is a community-run creative studio empowering artists to shape the art we interact with. Every token is a membership pass to creative contribution and shared ownership of the group’s creations.

Alien Frens

Most people may see Alien Frens as another profile picture NFT collection. However, it also provides access to IRL events, invasions, exclusive merchandise, comic books, and the $FRENS token. The rising price floor of 1.29 ETH and an average sale price of 2.555 ETH shows there is a growing interest in the project. Nearly 3,3300 Ether in three-day volume is equally impressive. 

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