5 New Cryptos To Buy 2023


Investors are continually on the hunt for the newest and biggest developments in the cryptocurrency sector. More and more new initiatives are appearing, each claiming to be the next game-changer as the cryptocurrency industry expands.

Participating in presales, which allow investors to buy tokens before they are posted on exchanges, is one-way investors may get in on the ground floor of these new initiatives. This post will examine five cryptocurrency presales you cannot afford to miss. These presales include DigiToads, Calvaria, LimeWire, Artyfact, and Tamadoge.

DigiToads (TOADS)

A brand-new blockchain-based platform called DigiToads provides users a cutting-edge method to earn cryptocurrencies while enjoying games. It is a unique gaming experience and is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players in the game DigiToads may gather and exchange virtual toads for tokens or even other cryptocurrencies. Due to its promise to provide players with a brand-new means of making money, the platform has received a lot of interest since it was first announced.

Through its exciting web3 game, users can breed, train, and strengthen their digital toads represented as NFTs. These NFTs are then used in the fights, and whoever makes it to the top 25% on the monthly leaderboard receives a share from the prize fund.

On-chain trading competitions that are dedicated to increasing the trading volume of TOADS will also award winners with special Platinum Toads. These Platinum Toads will serve as a ticket to 1/12 portion of the treasury that they will use for trades, and if profits are made, they get the 10% share.

This distinctive revenue-sharing model enables users to get a share of the platform’s earnings and strengthens the bond between the user and the project, as their personal financial goals align with the project’s long-term goals.

The platform also provides a variety of other incentives for users to engage with the ecosystem, such as the opportunity to earn tokens for recommending new members. The presale also opens up the opportunity for the earliest backers to grab massive batches of financial awards. Thanks to these features, the project now has a strong community, which has further accelerated its development.

The platform’s usage of the Ethereum blockchain has several advantages as well. The platform is first made secure and decentralized, which helps safeguard user data and assets. Moreover, it enables quick and inexpensive transactions, essential for a network that mainly depends on microtransactions. Due to its adaptability, the Ethereum blockchain allows the platform to expand further and be integrated with other decentralized apps.

The deflationary nature of DigiToads supply also distinguishes TOADS from the other well-established meme coins. The automated burning mechanism destroys 2% of every TOADS transaction.

Therefore, as the supply decreases over time, the value of each token increases, resulting in higher rewards for users. This incentive structure encourages users to engage with the platform actively, contributing to its growth and long-term sustainability.


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Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria is among the most exciting video game projects of the present, thanks to various factors. First, it contains an afterlife subject, which hasn’t been extensively explored in popular culture or the video game business.

The main game from Calvaria, Duels of Eternity, challenges players to fight, earn, and improve their cards to become the most powerful force on the battlefield. However, Calvaria’s compelling narrative only partially explains the growing popularity of the blockchain card game.

The cheaper entrance costs and technological requirements for the game are also alluring. Although most blockchain games are now only accessible to the wealthy and the technologically savvy, Calvaria offers both free-to-play and play-to-earn versions of their title, meaning to play the game, you don’t need to spend a lot on cryptocurrency tokens and NFTs. You may start playing the game if you have a computer, smartphone, or other smart devices.

After you switch to the play-to-earn version, just the initial investments in the game assets are required. That novice system makes the game more accessible to avid conventional players who love the gaming genre, which will ultimately spur the platform’s long-term development.

After unexpected project momentum, Calvaria is presently holding the last round of its presale. When the game is released, investors and players stockpile $RIA in expectation of many bull runs.

LimeWire (LMWR)

The music business is extremely concentrated in its present state. Artists always lose out when streaming services are monopolized by a limited number of labels. For instance, streaming services like YouTube and Spotify maintain the lion’s share of ad and subscription profits.

This is where LimeWire comes in. By putting the music business on the blockchain, LimeWire is up to the revolution. Singles and albums will be available for decentralized access on the LimeWire network, where artists are in charge of their material.

This implies that artists may decide their fees and profit from their works. LimeWire will also provide a subscription option. Payment for services will be made in LMWR, the project’s native cryptocurrency token.

Every time one of the artists’ songs is played, they will also get royalties. This is a top ICO to watch since the whole LimeWire ecosystem runs fairly and transparently. Despite $10 million in private investment, LimeWire is now selling LMWR for $0.16 for each token as part of its initial coin offering (ICO).

Artyfact (ARTY)

A next-generation gaming environment developed by Artyfact will use some web3 technologies. This features an in-game NFT environment, its metaverse ecosystem, and play-and-reward opportunities.

Artifact is a virtual world with digital property rights and its economy where Urban and gaming worlds coexist.

In urban centers, people will be able to participate in a variety of activities, including paid and free meetings, concerts, virtual runway shows, and educational classes, as well as shop at NFT exhibitions and 3D marketplaces for a wide variety of NFTs, virtual lands, properties, and clothing.

Meanwhile, the gaming areas will feature specialized play-to-earn opportunities. To participate in the game, a contribution must be placed in $ARTY for the prize pool, and the game’s winners will receive the prize pool.

The native token, ARTY, facilitates both awards and in-game purchases. According to the Artyfact whitepaper, 20% of sales will go toward funding a buy-back scheme once the game is released. Meaning, Artyfact will purchase back ARTY tokens on the open market and then eliminate them from the available supply. As a result of the decreased quantity of tokens, ARTY’s value may be artificially increased.

With an APY of up to 600% available, ARTY tokens can also be used to earn staking rewards.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

The Tamadoge metaverse is easily distinguishable from others due to the captivating P2E and NFT games it offers and its unique emphasis on a meme currency.

The “Tamaverse” revolves around “Doges,” lovable pixel-art canines that capitalize on the skyrocketing popularity of canine meme currencies in 2021 and 2022, led initially by Dogecoin and then by Shiba Inu.

Taking inspiration from the enthralling gameplay of the Tamagotchi video games released in the 1980s, the idea behind Tamadoge is that players will breed and train their own Doge. After that, users can compete against other Doges in a growing number of arcade games, which will become available as the project develops further.

Gamers compete against one another in lovable platform games to win “Dogepoints” and the in-house cryptocurrency $TAMA. After that, users can use their TAMA to purchase in-game items, improve their Doges, and buy one-of-a-kind merchandise.

Those who own “Common” Tamadoge NFTs are allowed to participate in the games. At some point, owners of the more uncommon NFTs will be eligible for special stat boosts.

The Tamadoge Arcade is currently going through the beta testing phase. There will soon be a total of four arcade games to choose from.

According to the roadmap, the Doge NFTs of each player will eventually be animated in 3D, which will thrill investors around the globe.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an exciting opportunity to invest in the burgeoning cryptocurrency space, these five crypto presales are ideal for letting your money work for you. From DigiToads to Tamadoge, each project represents potentially lucrative investments that could help you gain an edge in this exciting new market.

Do your research to determine which fits best with your individual needs and goals, and take advantage of these unique opportunities.

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