5 Move-to-earn Projects You Might Have Missed


Move-to-earn projects are getting all of the attention lately. It is an intriguing concept in Web3 and cryptocurrency that incentivizes people to become healthy through blockchain rewards. While STEPN is the market leader, these other M2E projects may prove worth keeping tabs on. 


The concept of MoveZ is very straightforward: let users earn money by challenging themselves physically. The MoveZ application helps users track their activities and earn BURNZ token rewards. Users can lift weights, move about, go cycling or surfing, and much more. Additionally, the app features powerful boost zones, local challenges, national and global leaderboards, and more. There is no pressure to compete with others, although options are nice. 


Stepping, walking, running, or jogging are the most common types of physical activity in society today. It is normal to see move-to-earn projects focus on those core concepts first and foremost. Step.app is designed to transform fitness goals into income, social joy, and friendly competition with the help of blockchain technology and augmented reality. Like STEPN, users need to acquire NFT sneakers to track their performance. 


The Dose platform is another move-to-earn concept incentivizing people to take their health and fitness levels more seriously. Its native DOSE token is a crucial cog in the OliveX gamified fitness ecosystem and is earned by completing workout-based gameplay. Users can complete various challenges, including running, cycling, pushups, etc. The Dustland Runner experience rewards runners and joggers through an audio-based narrative, similar to Zombies, Run!


It is fun to see a move-to-earn project con the term ‘sweat mining”, as Wirtual will reward your activities. Users can track their running, walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, and other workouts through traditional fitness trackers and earn WIRTUAL coins. Additionally, there are various challenges to complete, and users can pimp out their virtual avatars by updating character features.


More and more projects focus on M2e mechanics, which will help elevate the industry vertical to new levels. Calo offers a single mode where players equip NFT sneakers to earn tokens by moving around, either through walking, running, or jogging. There is also a Challenger mode with weekly and monthly challenges with different rewards. It is a very accessible ecosystem that will feature sneaker renting mechanics to attract a broader audience. 

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