CryptoMode Crypto Developments Calendar

In a recent article, we highlighted some crucial developments taking place in the cryptocurrency space this month. Such a calendar is always subject to change. A few new milestones and roadmap products have come to light in recent weeks. 

JustLend Launch

Decentralized finance on Tron continues to grow and evolve. The Just ecosystem is thriving, and more tools are coming shortly. One of these tools is JustLend, a decentralized lending platform. It will be accessible to Tron users only, bringing some much-needed competition to DeFi on Ethereum. According to the team, the launch of JustSwap will occur on December 7, 2020. It is one of the many developments to come for Tron enthusiasts.

Justin Sun initially announced JustLend in July of 2002.  It has taken a while to put together the working code for this decentralized lending platform. JustLend is one of the three main products developed by the JUST DeFi team, with the other two being JustSwap and JustBTC. All of these tools will help Tron’s DeFi ecosystem thrive over the months and years to come. 

Aelf Mainnet Launch

The Aelf project is well-known among cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts. Developers have been working hard on putting together the mainnet for this project. It will launch on December 10, assuming there are no last-minute hiccups to address. As a decentralized cloud computing network, Aelf has high expectations to meet. Its focus on high performance and flexible governance may introduce some intriguing options for users to explore. One of the more exciting upcoming developments from a technology point-of-view. 

SPARK Airdrop for XRP Holders

As we recently highlighted, the SPARK airdrop is coming closer. More specifically, the Flare Network team will take the snapshot on December 12, 2020.  Based on that information, they will distribute the SPARK tokens in a few months from today. For now, there is no exact data for the token airdrop itself. It will take place in the first half of 2021, but no further details are available today. Of all the developments on the list, this one has the most hype attributed to it. 

CRO Mainnet, the project formerly known as MonaCo, prepares to launch the mainnet for its CRO token. In doing so, all CRO transactions and smart contract activity will take place on a native blockchain instead of relying on Ethereum.  No exact date for the mainnet launch is known, other than “December 2020”.

These developments will also introduce on-chain governance for CRO holders, assuming that will ever be a factor. Furthermore, there is a rumor of how the CRO mainnet will support native tokens. What that will entail exactly remains to be determined. 

Serum Updates

The Serum ecosystem will undergo two significant changes in December of 2020. First, the Serum DEX will be upgraded to include more functionality and improve the user experience. Second, the Serum Swap project – which acts as an AMM exchange similar to Uniswap – will receive a significant update as well. Both of these upgrades will strengthen the Serum ecosystem. 

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