5 Meme Coins With A Market Cap Below $1 Million For Speculators Who Like Risks

CryptoMode Small Cap Meme Coins

Cryptocurrency speculators and investors are always looking for small-cap projects to make money from. Low-level meme coins can be an appealing option, although there is no guarantee to make money. The following coins have a market cap of under $1 million, yet they do not constitute investment or financial advice, Do your own research before making financial commitments.  

Kawakami (KAWA)

Found on Pancakeswap, LBank, and Uniswap V2, Kawakami has very little trading volume and not much excitement. The current has been on a steep downward slope price-wise, losing over 85% in the past month. Although the team promises to buy a powerful toolkit for meme tokens, it appears there isn’t much happening to keep the price momentum going. That dip may create a buying opportunity for bold and hopeful people, although the market cap of $235,000 may not hold much longer. 

Updog (UPDOG)

UPDOG is one of the many meme coins trading on decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap. The project aims to provide a static yield through its auto-generating liquidity protocol and deflationary token model. It is a currency with “reflections” on every trade to award long-term holders, a model that has been seen before. Additionally, the tea will donate to charity when milestones are achieved. The project has a market cap of under $320,000.  

Solabrador (SOLAB)

Similar to other meme tokens, Solabrador has been on a sharp price decline in recent weeks. Currencies like these usually struggle at retaining users, investors, and speculators. That said, the weekly holder airdrop and daily giveaway can be appealing to some community members. There are also titles for holders of specific amounts of coins, tied to weekly rewards of up to 50,000 SOLAB. The token trades in Bitrue and Raydium, yet the $5 million market cap for the first roadmap milestone seems lightyears away. 

Pepemon Pepeballs (PPBLZ)

For a meme token with a value of $44.28 per coin, Pepemon Pepeballs is an outlier in this list. It has a tiny supply of 14,000 coins, yet it still lost nearly 20% in value this past month. Scarcity makes it hard to trade the PPBLZ token on Bilaxy and Uniswap V2,  thus the current price may not be much to go on. Even so, Pepemon Pepeballs has a market cap of over $600,000, although the all-time high of $460,7 will probably never be reached again.  

Kangal (KANGAL)

Surprisingly, Kangal is the only low-cap meme coin on this list to note a less severe price drop the past month. A net 8.6% decline is still not great, but it could be much worse too. The token trades on Pancakeswap, Hotbit, Uniswap V2, and Sushiswap (Polygon POS). Kangal positions itself as a Dao building the “ultimate dApps ecosystem” with KANGAL serving as the governance token. However, the utility token will be called $TEAK, which you can only acquire by staking $KANGAL and LP tokens. 

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