5 Hot New Crypto Launches in 2023: Big Eyes Infinity, Shibie Coin, XRP20, Wall Street Meme, And More


In between the new crypto launches in 2023, the crypto market is showing bullish strength, with the global crypto market cap surging by 1.5%. However, the crypto experts believe that the race would not be long as Bitcoin fell back to $29,800 after a retest of the $30,000 price level. Meanwhile, some new cryptos are taking a leap of faith this year.

To name a few, Big Eyes Infinity (BIGINF), with its 819 Casino launch and community strength, is making the headlines, while Shibie Coin (SHIBIE) is, as always, the bombshell bitch of the crypto world. Two other coins are setting the stage, one is XRP20, and the other is WSM, the coin that raised an astonishing amount of $22.5 Million. Let’s take a look at these beauties.

Big Eyes Infinity Taking The Investors By Storm

With its 70% Presale, 25% Dex, and 5% Marketing, Big Eyes Infinity Coin (BIGINF) is the hottest new crypto launch in 2023. Its presale start price was $0.00006 per token, and its launch price was $0.00036, with a market cap value of $18 Million. Big Eyes Infinity is a coin that will take the Big Eyes community to the next level of success and popularity.

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Within this community, it is all about increasing profits through increased transparency and learning from previous mistakes. At the end of the presale, BIGINF tokens will be airdropped to holders and will launch simultaneously on a DEX for maximum profits for community members. Big Eyes Infinity (BIGINF) is a utility token with an irresistibly cute cat mascot. Holders will have access to the Big Eyes platform, including the 819 Casino and P2E games.

Shibie: Could This Bomb Coin Be The Next Best Presale Crypto?

Shibie Coin (SHIBIE) creators have a unique branding and cool tokenomics. SHIBIE is still in its presale phase at the time of writing, having raised over $260,000 so far. Its whitepaper is woofing around with 6 Billion tokens being allocated to the presale investors making up to 60% of its total supply.

Its tokenomics is another factor that could make it a boom. 5% was for marketing, 20% for liquidity, 10% for CEX listing, and the remaining 5% had been set aside.

Its creators know the value of community building, which has resulted in welcoming more members to its Telegram group. If that was not enough, Youtubers have also given it a green flag in the new crypto launches in 2023.

XRP20 or Wall Street Meme Coin: Who Would Win the Crypto ICO Presale War?

XRP20 is said to be taking inspiration from the XRP project. Its design is an example of user-friendliness and practicality and has raised almost $1 Million in a record time, making its post launch profits unbelievable. It has added new features to its already existing ones with features like stake-to-earn and token burning attracting new investors.

XRP20’s team has also implemented a deflationary mechanism like a 0.1% transaction burn fee and an additional 10% of token has been set aside. XRP20 is indeed reshaping the realm of crypto.

Meanwhile, Wall Street Meme (WSM) coin is being backed by some potential investors to have 100x more potential. WSM has chosen the path of success, which could be seen in its crypto ICO presale. It raised a whopping $22.5 Million in just two months with two presale stages still remaining.

New Crypto Launches in 2023, Big Eyes Infinity Coin Is Making Waves

Each crypto coin, from Shibie coin, XRP20 to Wall Street Meme, gives us multiple reasons to choose them over everything else. Shibie, with its sharp-witted tokenomics and XRP20, has bold new features. WSM is not behind after making unimaginable success in its presale. However, it’s the cat, with its cuteness, that is winning all hearts.

Big Eyes Infinity Coin (BIGINF), having a community-centric mindset, has a great future ahead. It is capable of revolutionizing the industry and creating major returns for the community and investors involved.

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