5 GameFi Assets Noting Strong Gains: DARK, SLP, SAITO, 1-UP, UFO


Play-to-earn games and their tokens remain of great interest to crypto enthusiasts and speculators. Several assets in the GameFi segment have noted strong momentum these past few hours, even though markets are a bit uneasy today. It shows there is much more to gamified finance than most people give the industry credit for. 

Dark Frontiers (DARK)

Building an immersive metaverse is the primary objective for most play-to-earn ventures today. Dark Frontiers focuses on play2immerse, a slightly different approach to engaging users over long periods. The game features various Suits – which users can stake for rewards – and land plots to build stations, increase rewards, and generate energy tokens. There is much work to do, including a pre-alpha launch in Q2 2022. DARK is one of the strongest-rising GameFi assets today, with a 42.2% gain.

Smooth Love Potion (SLP)

Players of Axie Infinity will be intimately familiar with the Smooth love Potion currency. It is one of the game’s in-game assets used to breed and evolve Axies, even though its price has tanked significantly since the game started generating mainstream attention. Momentum has begun to reverse courtesy of today’s 34.3% bounce. There is always some unexpected momentum in the GameFi segment. 

Saito Network (SAITO)

The Metaverse and Web3 ecosystem will need powerful infrastructure to power these exciting projects. Saito Network is a blockchain built to process terabytes of data and is capable of decentralizing everything, including social networks and micropayments. The recently unveiled roadmap update has sparked broader interest in SAITO, yielding a 13.1% price increase for this GameFi asset.

1-Up (1-UP)

The 1-Up platform is an intriguing GameFi project as it serves as a 2D gaming platform decentralizing battle royale tournaments for the average gamer. Moreover, users can compete, create, and collaborate by minting in-game NFTs and memnes. Blockchain gaming and GameFi can thrive when projects are very accessible by mainstream users, and 1-Up checks the right boxes. Its 1-UP token also notes a 11% gain on the day.

UFO Gaming (UFO)

The UFO token is part of UFO Gaming, a decentralized inter-galactic social game token. Moreover, the project’s in-game NFTs will have multiple types of utility, including breeding, staking, and incentives for long-term holders. Moreover, the game’s Super Galactic feature will go through an Alpha test soon, with a $1,000 giveaway to celebrate this event. The value of $UFO is up by 10.1% today, making it a solid GameFi asset for those chasing short-term profits. 

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