5 Free-to-play Games With P2E Elements To Check Out

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Although there is a growing interest in play-to-earn games, most projects require an upfront investment. Thankfully, multiple play-to-earn titles negate that aspect. Although these games may not be as well-known, they can still be worth checking out for a good time.

Galaxy Fight Club

Engaging player-vs-player action in a MOBA environment can lead to hours of gameplay and earning rewards. Galaxy Fight Club will reward players with ETH and NFTs to those who master its real-time PVP combat. More importantly, the game is cross-IP, although users do not need to own NFTs to begin playing. All matches feature 3v3 combat, and winners can combine Silver Key Fragments into loot box keys. Galaxy Fight Club is available for Android and iOS today, although the game is still in beta testing. 

Town Star

One of the founders of Zynga works together with the team behind Farmwilleand Words With Friends to bring us Town Star. The game resides on the Gala blockchain and guides players in building towns and cities. The strategic farming game involves building, managing production, and crafting goods to grow and expand the town. Ultimately, the goal is to sell greater value goods and collect more points than your peers. Additionally, there are various player-owned assets unlocking in-game benefits and bonuses. Town Star is still in beta but everyone can play for free during its Season 1 period.


It is always fun to play a fantasy RPG in an open world with lots of monsters, NPCs, and content. Mirandus provides all of that through its game world ruled by five player-monarchs. Players venture into the wilderness to defeat monsters, clear dungeons, serve monarchs, etc. It is another free-to-play game with play-to-earn mechanics, and the in-development game is accessible on Windows and Mac. 

Spider Tanks

Another MOBA entry on the free-to-play and play-to-earn list is Spider Tanks. This game is a MOBA/brawler hybrid where players pick their favorite Spider tank and set of armaments before battling across various maps. Skill takes center stage in this game, as you need to focus on winning games, collecting resources, and upgrading your characters accordingly. Spider Tanks is accessible on Windows and Mac and is currently in the beta phase. 

Town Crush

Although it is hard to ignore the similarities between Town Crush and Candy Crush, it still makes for an appealing gaming experience. Players mix and match three items of the same type to score points. The in-game items are elements from Town Star, including crops, fruits, equipment, and buildings. It is an excellent game to play during minor downtime or to fill up an evening on the couch. Town Crush is available for web, Android, and iOS and is currently in beta. 

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