5 Fan Tokens With Profit Potential This Weekend

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Fan tokens have proven to be an intriguing addition to the cryptocurrency industry. Some tokens represent having a say in the future of a club, whereas others are a way to benefit from a team’s success. The following fan tokens note strong momentum this week, making them an excellent money-making opportunity for those with a risk appetite. 

FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR)

Even though the 2021-2022 season has not been too spectacular for FC Barcelona, momentum is slowly turning around for the iconic club. Following its victory over Napoli FC in the Europa League, fans seem a bit more optimistic once again. Moreover, the recent signing of Pablo Torre for FC Barcelona B – and rumors of signing Ruben Neves for next season – may trigger excitement regarding the BAR token. 

The BAR token offers holders a tokenized share of influence on club decisions through the Socios application and services. Moreover, holders compete for exclusive rewards, show their support for FC Barcelona, and much more. As a result, the token rose by 55.5% in the past week. 

Santos FC Fan Token (SANTOS)

Although the Brazilian league is not necessarily appealing to most football fans – game coverage is hard to come by in most parts of the world, everyone knows the club Santos FC. It is one of the biggest clubs in the Brazil Serie A today, and the upcoming game against Fluminense will be worth keeping an eye on.

Moreover, Inter Miami FC – the club of David Beckham – signed Santos FC midfielder Jean Mota. It gives a nod of confidence to the club and its efforts to help players grow and develop. A 44% SANTOS price increase makes it one of the fastest-appreciating fan tokens on the market today. 

Ankaragücü Fan Token (ANKA)

Turkish football clubs continue to make headway on the international scene. Moreover, several clubs have partnered with Socios for native fan tokens, making the clubs’ appeal much more prominent. Furthermore, the transfer period is approaching its deadline next Wednesday, triggering a lot of speculation and excitement.

For Ankaragücü, there is the leading position in the 1. Lig to consider. After 26 or 38 games, the team is well on its way to promotion to the Super Lig once again. It may be debatable whether that is sufficient to warrant an ANKA fan token surge by 38.4% this week, but it certainly gets the fans excited!

Galatasary Fan Token (GAL)

As one of the biggest clubs in Turkish football, Galatasary remains a name worth respecting and paying attention to. Similar to other fan tokens, the value of GAL has risen strongly this past week, yielding a 30.8% price increase. In addition, the team’s intent on signing a younger player from Manchester City has fans excited.

Moreover, the upcoming Europa League clash with Barcelona – on March 10 and 17 – will significantly interest the club’s fans and football enthusiasts worldwide. Therefore, a favorable outcome may send the value of GAL even higher in the coming weeks.

Roush Fenway Racing Fan Token (ROUSH)

It is good to see racing teams explore fan tokens and their opportunities. For example, Roush Fenway Racing Fan Token, the asset of Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing, is tied closely to the performance of racing drivers Brad Keselowski and Chris Buescher, both of whom are active in the NASCAR Cup Series.

As Keselowski and Buescher brink in much mainstream attention – and they will be racing this weekend in Las Vegas – it is not too surprising to see ROUSH rise in value. This week’s 25.9% price increase is significant and shows there may be more to look forward to. 

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