5 Exciting Blocknet Developments to Look Forward to

CryptoMode Blocknet

A lot of blockchain projects fly under the radar most of the time. Blocknet is one such example, despite the potential of this protocol. Its roadmap shows there are still a lot of exciting developments currently in progress. 

CloudChain Lite MultiWallet

Blocknet’s technology powers a decentralized trading platform, known as Block DX. Its trading volume has remained steady for a while now. To increase the appeal of Block DX, a new lite multiwallet is in development. This project ensures users can trade on the platform without downloading additional chains. Another feather in the cap of Blocknet and its ecosystem. Decentralized trading platforms are growing in popularity these days. 

Atomic Swaps With XBridge

One of the more exciting developments going on is the XBridge platforms. It is designed to be an extension of the Block DX exchange by introducing trustless atomic swaps of supported assets listed on this exchange. Numerous projects are trying to bridge the gap to Ethereum in one way or another. XBridge seems to be the solution for the Blocknet ecosystem, and one that will further highlight the importance of atomic swaps. 

Partial orders on Block DX

When using a decentralized exchange, there is no way to complete orders partially in a convenient manner. This makes the introduction of partial order support for Block DX all the more interesting. While it remains to be seen how this will affect the platform and its usability, it is an interesting addition regardless. 

Focusing on Enterprise Throughput

While most of the solutions provided by Blocknet are on the consumer level, this protocol is also valuable to enterprises. A new nginx reverse proxy capable of interfacing with xRouter is under development. |Through this proxy, it will be possible to facilitate millions of requests per second. In terms of scalability, this is a rather significant development. 

Integrating BLOCK Into DeFi

Last but not least, the Blocknet team is in the process of creating an ERC20 version of the native BLOCK token. In doing so, this ERC20 version can be integrated into Ethereum’s ecosystem. Using it for dApps, DEXes, and DeFi will give current BLOCK holders a lot of options to explore. 

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