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Metal credit cards were discovered in the early 1920s when businesses had to use metallic charge plates or coins to operate their tabs. The commercialized plastic cards most people know today were first used in the 1950s. 

When did the two ideas meet?

The 1999’s titanium Centurion,  commonly known as the American Express Black Card, was the first metal credit card to be used. One will get this type of credit card by invitation only and account holders must pay a $7,500 initiation fee to start.  Then, each year an additional fee of  $2,500 must be paid to keep the account benefits.

Other popular credit cards, like the J.P. Morgan Reserve Card and Dubai First Royale MasterCard, have become popular since AmEx’s Centurion.  However, it’s not really the service but more so because of their innovative designs. The Royale card especially, as its made in real gold and has a diamond in the center of the card.

Many individuals in previous years preferred the Black Card but today, the more modern flashier cards have gotten more attention. And furthermore, as of 2020, more than 20 of these cards are available to the public (see: top 11 list). These metal cards are made of copper, brushed stainless steel, brass, titanium, palladium or gold, and some are made from a combination of materials.

What to Think About 

One should consider metal in the card as just a material, not a true benefit. Inspect all the aspects of a banking account, more than a card design, to confirm that they meet desired preferences. Know the travel protection features and other useful benefits.  Dig deeper to find other benefits and usefulness.  Don’t get too hung up on appearance.

And remember that metal charge cards have some odd-ball disadvantages.

 For instance, an individual might fail a metal detector test in different situations; this means that they always need to place their wallet on the conveyor for scanning.

When it comes time to destroy these things, beware.  Shredding these cards could lead to injuries or broken equipment; therefore, one should take them back to the issuer.

Reasons for Popularity

Even though metal cards are not as available as other types of cards in banks and credit unions globally, they are still the most desired.

Some consumers love metal credit cards due to their innovative appearance. It is also believed that metallic cards raise the social status of the holder. For this reason, people believe that these cards are good for them.

What Banks Offer Metal Credit Cards?


This digital bank collaborated with the People’s Trust and Visa to enable people to make easier  deposits into their accounts. KOHO was founded in Vancouver in 2014, and has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada..

Apple Card

Steve Job’s brand elevated its rank in the digital banking arena using its popular Apple Pay. The company released the Apple Card to complement the digital payment service.  It’s been, an important piece in creating its own independent ecosystem where customers can do everything through the company itself

The Apple Card was made specifically for iPhone users and can be linked with the Wallet app.  It can be used in conjunction with a few other mobile banking apps for iPhone.  Still, all should be aware that the “AC” can’t be used by digital banks like Venmo… not yet.


This  is a digital banking card from a relatively new financial institution, discovered in 2013 in California. Today, 9 years later,  the company has more than 12 million customers. Chime Bank stands out in particular because of its stance on eliminating fees and less scrutiny on customer’s credit background.  Not only that, users can build their credit up with the “Chime credit builder card,” which comes in metal.


Here’s  a financial app and card created  in London, back  in the year 2015.  The Curve banking company is known for giving 1% cash back on daily purchases and it’s heavily favorable to travelers. There are no foreign exchange fees and ‘amazing’ exchange rates.

Still a bit lesser known, Curve could possibly be the best new brand to get an account from in 2022 (visit site).


OJ is a mobile banking institution available to citizens of the United States of America and internationally.  The financial group offers their black metal credit cards for free for the first six months. If a person deposits funds worth $500 or more every month for six months, he will be charged $9.99 as the monthly metal checking account cost.

Still think, before you try

While a metal card may create an eagerness to ‘sign up immediately,’ it’s important to get to know its account  terms before choosing it. 

Every consumer should think about various factors — offerings, interests, welcome bonus, costs and travel rewards. Get the most from your card because you will pay the financial institution behind it for any reason available for them to prey on.

There are also many websites

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