5 Degen DeFi Yield Farms Providing Hourly Returns Of Over 0.4%

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There is always good money to be made in the DeFi industry. For those willing to farm yield, several lucrative options have become apparent. Some of these DeFi yield farms will award over 0.4% hourly, which is insane. Always DYOR before making any commitments. 

One Cash (ONC)

According to CoinGecko, the top DeFi yield farm today is for One Cash through the Boardroom ONS pool. The contract has not been audited, but that won’t necessarily deter the majority of degens from trying it anyway. Users can currently earn 1.09% hourly, or over 9500% yearly Astonishing amounts that will come down in value sooner or later. 

Mirror Protocol (MIR)

Although this airdropped token has been overlooked a bit recently, it can be a viable DeFi yield farming tool. Today, using it to provide MTSLA/UST liquidity on Uniswap can yield an hourly return of 1.03%. That translates to roughly 9,022% per annum. Not a bad return for an investment that seems appealing to many cryptocurrency speculators.

Harvest Finance (FARM)

It is interesting to see Harvest Finance on this list of DeFi yield farms. Then again, every project seems to rise in popularity now and then. For FARM holdings exploring the Seigniorage MIS/USDT pair on Uniswap can yield 0.72% hourly. Those who prefer a yearly APY will be happy to see the figure of 6,312%. An authentic degen farm, if there was any. 

Mirror Finance (MIR)

There are several DeFi yield farms tied to MIR that may prove worthwhile. For the MVIXY/UST pair on Terra, the returns are not bad by any means. An hourly return of 0.54% is difficult to pass up on. Being able to pocket over 4,700% on an annual basis is very appealing. 

Mirror Finance (MIR)

The fifth degen DeFi yield fam on the list also applies to Mirror Finance. Its MAAPL/UST pair on Uniswap yield an hourly return of 0.47%. Its annual return sits at just under 4,200%, which is more than respectable. How long these rates will remain in place is a different matter altogether. 

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