5 December 2021 IDO And IEO Projects Worth Keeping An Eye On


December 2021 has been rather interesting for projects conducting their IDO and IEO. Several projects note spectacular returns, although the initial momentum has quieted down a bit. Organizing a sale across multiple launchpads seems to be a solid strategy as of late. 

MetaVPad (METAV)

The MetaVPad project serves as a launchpad for many exploring metaverse technologies. The incubator and launchpad will help fuel, refine, and supercharge projects using its services. That approach plays a crucial role in establishing creating interconnected economies METAV, the token of this launchpad, provides access to any IDOs organized on the platform and can be staked for additional rewards. METAV noted an all-time high ROI of over 48x, although it has dropped to 355x right now. 

Chumbi Valley (CHMB)

There is still a strong interest in exploring new opportunities in the world of play-to-earn gaming. Chumbi Valley is one of the most recent games to launch. Players have a chance to acquire the ratest Chumbi NFTs – dubbed Seed Chumbi – on OpenSea. Players can engage in farming, breeding, battling, exploration, crafting, land plots, and more. The CHMB token, while spiking to a 122.74x ROI, now sits at 80.33x. A solid return on investment, as the project’s market cap is still barely $1.2 million. 

Sidus Heroes (SIDUS)

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As another play-to-earn NFT-based game coming to market, Sidus Heroes will transport players to a world where living beings become one with technology. Sidus Heroes has a more sci-fi feel to it, and players and investors seem to take an interest in this concept. SIDUS, the primary token of this ecosystem, was sold across five launchpads to yield a 109.29x ROI. Today, that ROI is still 77x the original price, giving the project market cap of just below $60 million. 

MonkeyBall (MBS)

The recent launch of MonkeyBall has struck a chord with many enthusiasts. The team intends to build the next-gen metaverse focused on eSports with a high-production-value and multiplayer turn-based play-to-earn soccer gaming. There are three game modes to explore, which may explain the recent interest in the MBS token. The successful token sale yielded a 100x ROI, although the current rate of 35.7x ROI is still acceptable. 

MetaGods (MGOD)

In the coming months, most blockchain games conducting their IEO or IDO will attract plenty of investor attention. MetaGods has recently concluded its token sale, and interest in MGOD is rising. A metaverse-oriented play-to-earn MMORPG can have significant potential if developers pull it off. The double-launchpad approach has catapulted MGOD to an ATH ROI of 89x, although the momentum didn’t last very long. Today, the token is still worth nearly 16 times as much as the original price, putting MetaGods at a $9.9 million market cap. 

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