5 DApps Noting A Weekly Revenue Drop Of Up To 99.63% This Week

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It is not uncommon for DApps to lose tremendous revenue every week. However, not all protocols will behave the same way, and there are overall market conditions to consider. For example, these five DApps lost up to 99.6% in weekly revenue, which is problematic. 

Yield Guild Games

The concept of play-to-earn gaming continues to attract many enthusiasts. Yield Guild Games explores this opportunity through the gaming guild model, bringing players from all kinds of ecosystems together. Unfortunately, despite numerous partnerships and expansions, it appears one of the DApps losing the most revenue this week. A 73.82% decline is spectacular, even though the 30-day trend sits at -18.56%. The weekly setback may not be as dramatic as it seems. 

Axie Infinity

Being one of the leading play-to-earn blockchain games puts a lot of attention and responsibility on Axie Infinity. While the developers introduced AXS staking not long ago, it seems the project’s revenue is dropping hard. Not uncommon among DApps when all markets turn bearish, although another 74.6% weekly revenue drop is problematic. Moreover, Axie Infinity lost 30.7% in monthly revenue, indicating the momentum may not turn around right away.  


The purpose of Ren remains relevant, perhaps even more so than ever before. The introduction of inter-blockchain liquidity for all decentralized applications is an intriguing concept with significant ramifications. Although this is one of the DApps that has – theoretically-  unlimited revenue potential, the numbers are dropping off. A weekly decrease in revenue by over 75% can happen, yet it brings the monthly total to -12.35%. It will be intriguing to see if things change on this front.  


There is always room for protocols to make Ethereum more secure and profitable for everyone. KeeperDAo uses that approach by incentivizing pooled participation in “keeper” strategies managing liquidations and rebalances. Although it is a very compelling approach, it seemingly generated $0.92 in revenue last month. As such, the weekly dropoff of 78.78% is less significant than one may think but still worth mentioning.  


The dHedge protocol is one of the many DApps focused on DeFi strategies and automating yield farming. More specifically, this project focuses on the Polygon blockchain, which is a prominent network in the broader ecosystem. Unfortunately, it appears revenue for dHedge has dropped off significantly. A seven-day trend of -99.63% is rather unheard of, and the 180-day trend of -91.51% isn’t much better. 

Source: Token Terminal

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