5 Current Airdrop Offers Rewarding $100 or More

CryptoMode Airdrop Values

There are still other ways to make money in the cryptocurrency world for those who do not hold Bitcoin today. By completing a few easy tasks, anyone can partake in ongoing airdrops. There are several airdrop offers on the table, valued at over $100. This may not represent the market value of these tokens, however.

Task Token ($1,250 value)

It is always intriguing to see how airdrop organizers advertise the value of the rewards they will issue to participants. Task Token is a bit ludicrous in this regard. It claims to have a $1,250 airdrop for anyone who meets the requirements. As an SLP variant of Bitcoin Cash, it remains unclear how popular this option will prove to be. 

Uniswap Gold ($500)

Following the ongoing success of Uniswap as a decentralized exchange, there will be more and more copycats. Uniswap Gold wants to be a global decentralized finance wallet cryptocurrency payment provider for merchants, according to its official description. Quite the mouthful, but rest assured, this airdrop isn’t worth $500. 

RTE Coin ($377)

If it is this easy to make $377 from an airdrop, most people can retire after a few years. For RTE Coin, its actual use cases remain unclear. Even so, interested users can earn 500 RTE and some extra tokens per referral. None of the tasks are challenging to complete either.  Another token that will not amount to the value hinted at today. 

KnifeSwap ($100)

Seeing a cryptocurrency airdrop that claims to be worth $100 is not that unusual. Making that value come true, on the other hand, is unlikely to happen. KnifeSwap is another AMM decentralized exchange, It can undoubtedly succeed to a certain degree, but the project has everything to prove for now. 

Zoomy ($100)

The final airdrop in the list claims to offer a value of $100 to active participants. Zoomy aims to become a revolutionary platform for online trading. The team leverages DeFi, VR, AR, and P2P technology to make that happen. Participants will be able to earn a maximum of 5,000 ZMY, valued at $100. 

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