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5 Crypto Assets Eyed By Investors And Speculators During The Bear Market

When crypto markets turn bearish, people automatically assume interest in currencies drops off too. However, that is far from the cause, as investors and speculators will explore other opportunities. The following currencies have, per CryptoRank, noted a strong interest in recent days despite the current bear market wreaking havoc.

Solchicks (CHICKS)

It isn’t entirely surprising to see growing interest in blockchain gaming, collectibles, and NFTs when crypto-assets start to lose momentum. These markets tend to thrive when interest in cryptocurrencies is lower and turn bearish when Bitcoin or Ethereum surge in value. The current bear market is good news for Solchicks, a project conducting its IDO through various phases. Becoming the leading fantasy NFT PVP and play-to-earn gaming ecosystem on Solana is a challenge but far from impossible. 

Kasta (KASTA)

The Kasta project provides a blockchain alternative to mainstream mobile payment services. Moreover, it focuses on peer-to-peer payments, which will prove crucial when dealing with mobile users. Kasta runs on the Polygon layer, benefiting from various scaling improvements. The token isn’t available yet as the seed, private, and IDO sales have yet to be announced. 

Biconomy (BICO)

The provider of plug-and-play APIs to make the Web 3.0 experience user-friendly and frictionless is getting attention lately. Biconomy is part of the Arbitrum ecosystem, and its token has a market cap of over $395 million. Although it has been subject to bearish market conditions in the past few hours, overall interest in the project remains prevalent. A return to the all-time high of $20.9 may not happen right away, but infrastructure provider tokens often tend to perform decently in the long run.

MonkeyBall (MBS)

Blockchain gaming is a booming industry, especially when a play-to-earn model is involved. Backed by Alameda Research and ZBS Capital, MonkeyBall serves as a turn-based play-to-earn soccer game. Its MBS IDO is currently underway, and the team concluded a $2.88 million private sale earlier. Matches occur between two groups, with 4 Monkeys taking up field positions. The team scoring three goals first will win the game. 

Victoria VR (VR)

Building the first blockchain-based MMORPG on blockchain technology is a massive undertaking. However, Victoria VR’s team is confident they can bring forth the best elements of VR, gaming, blockchain, and non-fungible tokens to create the Metaverse. It is ambitious, although overall interest in the native VR currency is rising. Despite losing a fair bit of value today due to the bear market, the project maintains a market cap of over $216 million. 

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