5 Coins To Watch This Week Based On LunarCRUSH Galaxy Score

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Many cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets serve purposes beyond speculation. The social rankings by LunarCRUSH confirm things are certainly heading in the right direction for several projects. Keeping these coins at the back of oneś mind may lead to profit potential, but only after rigorous risk-reward analysis. 

My Neighbor Alice (ALIVE)

Blockchain gaming remains a hot trend in the cryptocurrency industry, and My Neighbor Alice generates much attention. The multiplayer builder game spans virtual islands, collectible items, and a prominent social aspect. It is not unlike Animal Crossing, but in an ecosystem where players control in-game assets, they can sell for real-world money. ALICE, the token, is required to play the game, invest, and purchase game items. Today, it is the currency with the highest LuanrCRUSH score and notes a 133% price gain this past month. 

Decentraland (MANA)

Metaverses are popping off in the crypto and blockchain world. Decentraland, one of the older projects exploring this new industry, is a decentralized VR world on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can buy LAND, monetize it, and explore other players’ many applications and experiences. MANA, the native currency, is used to purchase LAND and services in this ecosystem. Its high LunarCRUSH social activity comes on the heels of a 553.6% price increase over 30 days. 

Phantasma (SOUL)

Phantasma is a blockchain layer built for the future of gaming. The developers focus on a smooth experience with increased developer revenue and empowering gamers through digital item ownership. Moreover, creators can publish games on Steam and the native Pavillion game hub to tap into a broader user base. SOUL, the native asset of Phantasma, notes a 335.8% price increase this month. That momentum contributes to its overall social activity surge on LunarCRUSH this week. 

Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK)

Terra Virtua paves the way for a new era of exploring digital collectibles. The blockchain-powered platform and marketplace provide access to unique items not found anywhere else. Moreover, art owners can display their portfolios through a customizable Fancaveor Terradome. The Kolect Token (TVK) introduces access to the Terra Virtua Presitge clubs, NFT airdrops, rewards, previews, bonuses, platform features, and farming options. This month’s 132% price increase makes it one of the most talked-about tokens on the market, according to LunarCRUSH.. 

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

You can use the Enjin Coin currency for virtual goods created through the Enjin ecosystem. To date, Enjin remains the most prominent gaming community platform on the blockchain, and ENJ benefits from the ecosystem’s smart contract functionality. Gaming projects continue to thrive in this industry, resulting in the ENJ price going up by 141.7% this month. The project’s social buzz continues to intensify, which is rather promising.

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