5 Buildings and Locations In Decentraland Worth Checking Out


As public interest in the metaverse and decentralized environments grow, so too become the projects that reside in this space. Decentraland is a prominent example of what future virtual worlds and experiences may feel like. The five following “buildings” in that game world may prove of great interest to users. 

MetaZone Tower

As the first “app store” to come to the Decentraland ecosystem, MetaZone Tower has proven to be of great interest to users. It is a free-to-play and play-to-earn virtual world-building that lets community members create digital content. Moreover, landowners can take control of this content through NFT technology. The MetaZone Tower is home to multiple arcade games and other METAs. 

Chateau Satoshi

There are many opportunities in the virtual world and metaverse. Chateau Satoshi is, as the name suggests, a metaverse casino themed with art deco. The casino was created by Decentral Games in Decentraland., in the Vegas City district. Plays can explore non-custodial slots, blackjack, and roulette, payable in cryptocurrencies. It is good to see Decentral Games establish a presence in this virtual world.

Battle Racers

Although one may think Battle Racers is merely an arcade game, it offers many opportunities for Decentraland visitors. Players can build, race, and battle model cars on arcade-sized tracks. Moreover, it is possible to customize the cars through different parts and weapons, creating a high replay value. You can tokenize created cars on the blockchain to record wins and earn exclusive bonuses. 


There are many pet collections on the Ethereum blockchain, and Ethermon is one of them. The project established a presence in Decentraland, even though it has no direct affiliation with Ethermon. However, it is a place where players can hang out and socialize, which is always a welcome addition. It is good to see projects like this have a community-driven effort in a virtual world, as it can bring more attention to the project. 

Boba Building

The Boba Building in Decentraland is a rather interesting one. It is built on a 1×3 estate and features art, casino games, and a gallery, among other things. Visitors can enjoy free-to-play opportunities, although they will not earn anything from it. Even so, it is nice to walk around different buildings and see what’s there. 

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