5 Bitcoin Bounties Awarding 1 BTC or More

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Anyone can contribute to the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem these days. Those who have technical knowledge can complete bitcoin bounties and make viable contributions. The following opportunities all reward a decent amount of BTC for those capable of answering the call. 

A Lightning Tip Jar

Most bitcoin enthusiasts know about the Lightning Network and how it facilitates small transactions at more affordable rates. Integrating the Lightning Network on a global scale remains an ongoing process. A Lightning Tip Jar may help more people explore this Layer-2 solution. There is currently a bounty for whoever provides a FOSS wallet integrating BOLT 12 (the draft specification for Lightning wallets and nodes found here.). It is one of the multiple bitcoin bounties valued at 1 BTC.

Stabilized Lightning

Building fully open-sourced bitcoin wallets can bring many people into the crypto fold. Establishing a FOSS Lightning wallet integrating a USD balance peg is something one would expect to exist today. For some reason, it does not. One of the bitcoin bounties calls for such a wallet enabling users to peg their BTC to USD, preferably through a “slick slider”. There is a 1 BTC reward up for grabs.

E-Cash (Chaumian)

Some people may recall David Chaum came up with the E-Cash concept many decades ago. He realized that vision through Digicash between 1995 and 1998. Although no longer in use, the concept of anonymous electronic money still piques the interest of many. The bitcoin bounties page lists a 1 BTC bounty for the first FOSS wallet integrating payments based on Chaum’s e-cash mechanics and paper. 

A Privacy-Focused Lightning Wallet

The Wasabi Wallet team posted a listing on bitcoin bounties to find a developer or team for a privacy-focused Lightning Network wallet. The money is distributed through the Wasabi Wallet LN Privacy Research Grant. There is a growing demand for privacy while using the Lightning Network. Similar to regular privacy-oriented bitcoin wallets, the LN needs similar solutions for those who want privacy. One BTC goes to whoever can make this approach a reality.

The OP_CTV Bug Hunt

As one of the more lucrative bounties – 5.5 BTC – on the bitcoin bounties page, this offering will attract much attention. However, users will need to find a substantial bug or weakness in the BIP-119 or the OP_CTV implementation. OP_CTV was introduced in BIP-119 and serves as a new opcode to control transaction congestion and payment channel instantiation, among other benefits. 

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