5 Binance Smart Chain Tokens Noting A Strong Trading Volume Spike

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Every cryptocurrency ecosystem and blockchain is home to native tokens that may provide theoretical value. For example, Binance Smart Chain has several such assets, some of which note a substantial increase in trading volume. Interestingly, all of these projects aim to tackle a different aspect of the broader industry. 

Ankr (ANKR)

The Ankr RPC protocol has tremendous potential, as it lets developers create Web3 products with ease. More importantly, it is a multi-chain solution combining node infrastructure, staking, and decentralized finance (DeFi). With over 11 chains supported today, Ankrś ANKR can provide good value for speculators. Its trading volume has increased by over 2,100% in the past month, which is very impressive.

Banano (BAN)

Banano is not a new project on the Binance Smart Chain, although its feeless and instant transactions remain in high demand. It is a meme currency that aims to disrupt the traditional meme coins as a fungible and edible cryptocurrency. For some reason, BAN has a 1,299% trading volume increase this month. That is a steep number, although $12 million per month isn’t too spectacular either. 

Lympo Market (LMT)

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Lympo aims to become a sports NFT ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain. Its primary focus lies in the IP rights of renowned athletes and clubs. Artists and sports influencers will also create custom sports characters. LMT, as the utility token, has noted a substantial monthly trading volume increase. A 965% rise is prominent and shows people warm up to this NFT-oriented idea. 

Bunicorn (BUNI)

Combining the best elements of NFT gaming with DeFi opportunities can yield powerful outcomes. Bunicorn aims to gamify DeFi aspects through a combination of different decentralized finance products and services. The Bunicorn card game is the main product, although the team plans to bring more games to this metaverse. BUNI’s trading volume noted a 744% monthly increase, which may signify growing demand for ecosystem exposure. 

SparkPoint (SRK)

The SparkPoint project encompasses a decentralized exchange, blockchain developer boot camp, wallet, gaming platform, and referral program with crypto rewards. SRK, recently added to Binance Smart Chain through the SparkBridge, is a liquidity mining reward and collateral solution. Similar to BUNI, SRK notes a 744% trading volume increase. An interesting development for the growing ecosystem. 

Source: Cryptolaxy

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