5 Best Long Term Investment Assets To Invest In After The Coronavirus Pandemic

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  • Has the COVID-19 Pandemic thrown your investment plans and strategies and areas out of gear?
  • Do you know, which assets and areas you should look at for the fastest bounce-backs in the aftermath of the pandemic?
  • Are you aware of how long term investments in some important areas can grant you financial growth and success?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has given rise to the single biggest economic depression ever recorded in human history. Apart from the Chinese economy, almost all major world economies have seen a sharp contraction. 

Countries like India, who were the fastest growing economies have seen their GDP fall to -24% because of the pandemic. All this has meant markets all over the world have seen a crash of trillions of dollars being wiped out. 

For investors, the pandemic brings in new challenges. Choosing the right assets to invest in becomes all the more important given the trail of destruction, which the Pandemic is likely to leave. In this article, we speak to some of the leading financial investors and ask them about some areas, where investors can think of getting fair returns and stability. 

List of 5 Best Long Term Investments to look at post the Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. Cryptocurrencies- 

The first option on the list is also the most revolutionary and growth-oriented one. In the last few months, very few financial investments have shown as much promise as Bitcoins has. This means that cryptocurrencies continue to be a safe investment bet during and after the pandemic. 

If you are looking for bitcointrader, you would need to start investing immediately and hold on to the returns for a long time. This will help your investments mature, allow you to understand how the markets work and generate sizable returns over a five year period. 

2. Blockchain Technology- 

In addition to Bitcoin, Blockchain has also established a credible reputation for itself as a piece of tech, which has far-reaching implications for the world. This means that as an area of investment, investors can look at investing in emerging Blockchain technology. 

It is a good idea to pick up equity in young and dynamic startups working on Blockchain technology. This would allow you to be a part of something dynamic and also minimize your risks and exposure through basic small equity pickups in different startups. 

3. Metals- 

Investing in precious metals has never gone out of fashion. However, in 2020, it presents an interesting proposition. This is because investors should look to disassociate from investing in metals like gold and silver and look to invest somewhere else. 

Industrial metals like Rhodium, Scandium, Osmium and others hold immense potential on account of their industrial needs. This means that new growth in different industrial fields is likely to push the demand for these metals to astronomical heights. 

4. Startups- 

The startup ecosystem model is such that valuations drive your wealth portfolio. This means that even if your startup investment is in losses or not breaking even, its future potential can drive up your profit margins and make your investments appear profitable. 

Rather than investing in traditional companies, it is always better to start picking up equities in young startups looking to raise venture capital. Associating with a startup will allow you to learn a lot more and engage with a new business model. 

5. Real Estate- 

Real Estate occupies the last position on the list as it is something, which is not for everyone. The amount of investment required and the uncertain nature of the market means that ninety percent of the people will give this area a miss. 

However, if you are someone with deep financial pockets and want to have a decade long investment plan for the future, you can park your investments in residential real estate. Please bear in mind, that unless the demand starts picking up, the valuations are not going to rise. 

The Final Word

In this article, we looked at five great investment areas, investors can consider after the COVID-19 Pandemic. All the options mentioned in the article will ensure you high growth margins for the near and distant future. 

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