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5 Avalanche Tokens To Watch: HCT, PNG, JOE, XAVA, DYP

Timing plays a crucial role in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Investing in projects early on will often have the most significant chance of success in the long term. The following five tokens on Avalanche all note a high number of holders, even if their market cap may seem small in comparison. 

HurricaneSwap (HCT)

Swapping and trading platforms will always remain essential in the cryptocurrency space. HurricaneSwap provides a cross-chain liquidity DEX on the Avalanche ecosystem, currently spanning over $36.1 million in Total Value Locked. It is indeed a solution worth keeping tabs on at a 0.2% cross-chain fee and lower slippage. Over 32,000 addresses hold HCT in their wallet, and the project has a $160 million market cap. 

Pangolin (PNG)

Although Pangolin is another decentralized exchange, it is a community-driven effort supporting Avalanche and Ethereum. Pangolin notes over $368 million in liquidity, facilitating over $8.6 billion in trading volume. Moreover, liquidity providers can earn up to 520% APY, which is rather impressive. Investing in DEX tokens is usually a safe bet, and 22,600 addresses hold PNG in their wallet today, contributing to the $114 million market cap. 

Trader Joe (JOE)

Even though it seems as if NFTs have taken over from Defi as the go-to topic of debate, that isn’t necessarily the case. Demand for DeFi solutions remains sky high, and Trader Joe is that solution on the Avalanche ecosystem. It supports trading, liquidity pools, farming, lending, and staking. Over 22,000 addresses hold the JOE token, as the project has surpassed $335 million in market cap. 

Avalaunch (XAVA)

Every self-respecting blockchain ecosystem has at least one dedicated launchpad for projects. Avalaunch provides an interoperable token pool and auction solution with a people-first approach for the Avalanche ecosystem. It is also a solution for fundraising, cheap transactions, high throughput, and near-instant finality. The native XAVA token is held by over 19,000 addresses, giving Avalaunch a market cap of roughly $95 million. 

DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP)

The DeFi Yield Protocol provides numerous tools and features for Avalanche community members, allowing users to maximize their yield farming rewards. With an active curb of large whales and anti-manipulation features, users will have fewer negative experiences when converting rewards into ETH or other tokens. Currently valued at $10.5 million, DeFi Yield Protocol’s native token is held by over 10,500 addresses today. 

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