5 Assets On Solana With Price Potential For Q4 2021

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Most people will agree that blockchain ecosystems not named Ethereum have a massive chance of succeeding. However, Solana is a name that often returns during those discussions. The five following projects on Solana have noted strong price momentum over the past month, indicating more momentum may be on the horizon. 

SamoyedCoin (SAMO)

The SamoyedCoin initially started as a dog-themed meme coin on Solana, but it somehow became the ecosystem’s unofficial mascot and ambassador. Samoyed is a breed of dog in Eastern Europe. The Samoyedcoin project is community-owned and does not appear to provide any utility beyond speculation. Even so, SAMO notes a monthly price increase of 1,050%, pushing its market cap to almost $500 million.

Tulip Protocol (TULIP)

Decentralized finance is a powerful industry segment across the many supporting blockchains. For Solana users, the Tulip Protocol serves as a yield aggregation platform with auto-compounding vault strategies. As a result, stakers will usually see a higher APY without active management requirements. Several dozen vaults are supported, and the highest APY is 350%. TULIP, the native asset, notes a 149% price increase in 30 days and now has a market cap of $55.7 million. 

Orca (ORCA)

As one of the multiple swapping and trading platforms built on Solana, Orca specializes in having users exchange crypto assets at low fees and high efficiency. Moreover, users can contribute liquidity or stake assets for rewards. The platform has numerous benefits and features. Similar to other platforms, Orca has a native token – called ORCA – which noted a 101% price increase this past month. As a result, Orca has a market cap of $206 million, which seems rather low. 

Big Data Protocol (BDP)

The team responsible for Big Data Protocol position their project as a data vault and data room to make data tokens liquid. Moreover, users can redeem data tokens for underlying datasets, tokenizing the flow and exchanging information on the Solana blockchain. Additionally, Big Data Protocol will gain Ocean Market capabilities in the future. The value of BDP, the native asset, has risen by 93% to establish a $9.6 million market cap. 

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Metaverses are very popular these days, as they provide tremendous potential. Star Atlas is building its massively-multiplayer metaverse on Solana through a unique gaming experience. Players can realize economic benefits through in-game virtual earning and converting those to real-world income. Investors and speculators have taken notice of this project, as the ATLAS price rose by 81%. Interestingly, the project’s market cap is roughly $400 million already. 

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